Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

In Upstate New York, spring has finally arrived, which means each day there is new growth happening. The bare branches from last week are filled with more leaves each day with an electric green vibrancy. The buds on the trees are turning to flowers. The seeds my husband and I planted in the our first garden together have rooted, gathered strength, and burst through the surface of the earth. Isn't it incredible how determined the spirit of plants can be? Isn't it incredible how determined the spirits of humans can be?

The sentence I've heard the most over the past week is: 

"There is so much going on!" 

Whether it's work, personal life, spiritual growth, world events, or tending to the proverbial garden, change is here! Our lives feel full, and momentum is building for something new to emerge. The wheel of time turns, and the turning of the ages tills the soil of our souls. Do you feel it? Do you feel your discernment getting clearer and clearer about what doesn't serve you? Are you getting a better picture of the effort required to pull the weeds around your roots so that past pains don't impede the new growth? Do you feel the accelerating pulse of creation rising up from the earth giving you energy, activating your life, and encouraging you to KEEP UP.

Our resident astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg, shares: 

The New Moon in Taurus on May 15, 2018 (7:48am EST) is rumbling soil. We are creatures of nature, children of the Earth. Our bodies are extensions of Earth. Quite literally, our flesh is made of Earth. When we connect with our bodies and trust their innate intelligence, we make way for nature’s genius to guide creation. Getting grounded does not mean being static. The body is a hologram - ever-adapting to shifting conditions within and without. Attune to each sensation. The foundations of what we know are changing, reinventing themselves. Welcome disruption. Change your comforts. Hear complaints, condolences, and celebrations. The seeds of revolution are in our midst, inevitable as the steady yet irrepressible beating of Earth’s great heart. As you move today, find the Earth’s rhythm. Be moved by the manifestations and revolutions of her pulse.

When the song you are dancing to starts to pick up its pace, can you keep up? When the truth in a relationship is bubbling up to the surface, can you keep up? As the sun rises earlier and sets later, can you keep up? When your heart calls you to open your eyes to the injustices of this world and do more, can you keep up? Whatever is going on in your world right now, will you call on the strength of your spirit and keep up?

Maybe we can all make a deal and decide to do it together.

Let's meet in the land of shared awareness as we turn on any song from this Spotify playlist and invite ourselves to keep up with the rhythm of the music. If you'd rather follow a video, below is a video of our heart opening sequence we do in each Qoya class. If you prefer to go freestyle, dive into this playlist or ANY SONG YOU LIKE and notice what it feels like to be in rhythm with the music. Feel the resonance in your body to notice and attune to what is outside of you by feeling what is inside of you. After dancing with this intention, let the movement be a metaphor of how you go out and dance into your day. A new song is being sung, a song of change, revelation and revolution. Keep up with the current and stay awake to the unique role that is yours to play. 

If this exercise was helpful for you and you would like to receive more support and tools during these times of change, our online course A Call to Create is full of them! This is one of those courses where there is SO MUCH material! My intention in creating it was to pull together all the best practices to help people return back to the truth they feel in their body. During times of great change, I feel that self-care practices have never been more important to nourish ourselves. 


Whatever dream, plan, or desire you’re holding in your heart, this 9-month experience invites you to embody the Qoya philosophy by learning how to align movement with the wisdom cycles of your feminine body, forming a map of creation to birth your ideas from the realm of energetics, of spirit, to manifest into physical form.

The course includes:

-9 Full-length Qoya Video Classes to explore the phases of creation we've mapped out in the course, embracing the metaphor of movement present in the 9 stages of pregnancy and feminine energy cycles

-9 Monthly Movement Ritual Playlists and Worksheets to inspire you to dance every day and record the truth you remember simply from moving your body!

-36+ course videos to support each month's movement, ritual, community, and pilgrimage exercises

-A Life-Changing Workbook (137 pages!) with Creative Action Steps, planners, and worksheets mapped out for you to apply to your project that you can print out and re-use for any creative project you are inspired to take on

-Monthly reading assignments from Qoya: A Compass for Navigating an Embodied Life that is Wise, Wild, and Free (e-book and Audio book included)

-Private Facebook group to lean on the community of women who will be doing the course alongside you

-20+ bonus course audios with experts on feminine wisdom cycles

Spring 2018 Discount + Bonus Calls

For those who sign up between now and the New Moon on June 13th, you'll receive a $111 off, making the course $222. You'll also receive access to 9 monthly calls with me to ask any questions as you work your way through the course staring in August 2018! For those who signed up for this course last year, you are welcome to join the calls again this year.

I'd be honored to share this with you and in prayer that whatever seeds you are planting, be supported to grow!

To keeping up and holding each other up,


Qoya is so honored to be offering retreats led by founder Rochelle Schieck at 3 of the leading retreat centers in the U.S. this year on both the east and west coasts. If you have ever wanted to visit any of these incredible places, consider joining us!

Kripalu Retreat (Stockbridge, Massachusetts): June 24 - 29

Multiversity Retreat (Scotts Valley, California): July 8 - 13

Omega Retreat (Rhinebeck, New York): October 26 - 28

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