The Jen Mavros Show

Self Magazine

The Mystics on a Mission Show with Hanna Bier

Yoga with Kassandra

The Uninhibited Women’s Leadership Conference
Why Embodiment is Important

The Enoughness Revolution with Megan Hale
EP 50 with Rochelle Schieck

The Way of the Happy Woman with Sara Avant Stover
The Dance of Trusting Yourself

Yoga Coach with Mark Breadner
Wise, Wild and Free

Love & Liberation with Olivia Clementine
Knowing Our Gifts Through Pilgrimage, Embodiment & Shameless Healing

The Crave Cast w/ Alexandra Jamieson
Dance into Fitness + Self-Love

Glimpse TV with Kate Northrup
One Simple Step You Can Take To Feel More Alive This Instant

Glimpse TV with Kate Northrup
Your Body is Your Sacred Companion

Money Love Story with Kate Northrup
Rochelle Schieck, Creator of Qoya

Catalyst Creativ
The Dance of Feminine Leadership and Spirituality

Say Yes Podcast
Traveling the World with Rochelle Schieck

Unshakeable Soul
Expert Series with Rochelle Schieck

Feel Good Naked
with Laure Redmond

Just Stay Curious Podcast
with Gillian Rose

The Girl Gang Conversations
Learning to Trust Your Body & Remember Your Essence

Untame Yourself w/ Elizabeth DiAlto
Living Qoya: Wise, Wild and Free

*NOTE: These interviews are both part of a paid series.

Shine Summit
Anchor Yourself in this World Through Your Sacred Work

Brave Woman Summit
Your Body & Movement for Transformation

The Embody Festival
Qoya Movement Video with Rochelle Schieck

Austere Magazine Quest // Issue 18
Digital Copy : Print Copy

Women are the Journey
featuring Audrey Groeschel

Your Body Has All the Answers
with Faith Shevlin