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What is 10 Days of Qoya Love?

10 Days of Qoya Love takes you through 10 different exercises to re-introduce you back to your body and to remember how to have fun while moving. Yep, I said it. Fun.

Too many moments have been lost to the obligatory feeling that you must suffer through working out in order to be healthy and fit. It’s just not true. You can learn how to move your body in a way that feels good then apply that to a continued practice of Qoya or integrate it into any other styles of movement or training that you desire.

Drawn from the wisdom of yoga, creative expression in dance, and the pleasure found in sensual movement, Qoya's focus is to help women enjoy and revel in their feminine bodies.

You’ll still get to "exercise.” You’ll sweat. You’ll strengthen. You’ll increase your flexibility, balance and agility. You’ll be in better health if you move more often, and beyond exercise, you will learn how to locate the physical sensation of truth in you, to feel the pulse of life and to let that force move you. You will remember day after day that you are a woman who is wise, wild and free. 

This is experiential.

Your epiphanies and a-ha’s will not come
from nodding your head at another computer screen.

It’s time to get moving!
Make a commitment to yourself and be realistic.
More than realistic, be kind.

What will work best for you? I recommend jumping in and doing these short 5-10 minute exercises every day for 10 days in a row.  

What are the first things you cut from your to-do list when you get busy? Are they the activities that truly nurture you, like exercise? You're not alone.

With 10 Days to Qoya Love, you can practice investing this small amount of time in yourself (5-10 minutes a day). As you do, notice the increased energy, awareness, and enjoyment in your body. It will be worth it.

Be kind to yourself. Honor the path that has gotten you here right now. We are all waking up and remembering our true essence as women - that we are wise, wild and free. Through our breath, we can access a vast inner knowledge to remember we are wise.  Through our bodies, we can express and feel our unique creative power to remember we are wild. Through embracing the gift of being a woman, we revel in the pleasures of slowing down and owning our sensuality to remember we are free.

Whatever you put your attention on grows stronger.

Let your time with Qoya truly nourish all the seeds in your life you are planting and preparing to grow. We are so much stronger than we think and so much stronger together. Thank you for dancing with us, we hope you enjoy this guide!