Dear Dancers on the Path,

Last month after the Qoya Embody the Goddess Retreat in India, my husband and I made a special pilgrimage to Bodhgaya, specifically to the Bodhi Tree where the Buddha attained enlightenment. It was an auspicious day as there were thousands of pilgrims from several Asian countries there for a festival of chanting and prayer. Making our way through the waves of people, we found our way to the protective wall around the Bodhi Tree. As I approached, a wave, no, a tsunami came over me - the feeling of unworthiness. In that moment, my most tender doubt of who I am took over my body and psyche. Who was I to approach a place so holy, so sacred? Who was I to have access to a place that has inspired so many on their journeys? Why did I get to be here?

I took a deep breath and humbly continued forward. As I bowed my head to bring my third eye to touch the altar, I heard something inside myself. I heard the question, "Who determines one's worthiness?" I began to cry tears like the sky pours rain. Again, I heard, "WHO determines worthiness?" With this rush of emotion, I felt my certainty quiver, destabilized and unsure how to answer my own question. Then, I heard something else,

"The Self liberates the Self."

Ahhhh. Sweet relief, like that moment when you take a bath and the water is almost too hot. You get in and are on the verge of getting right back out, but you submerge in the water and then your body simply melts. 


My heart and mind melted open to the idea that the Self liberates the Self. This is the paradigm that Qoya has been dancing in for almost ten years, with the concept that there is "no way you can do it wrong and the way you know you're doing it right is that it feels good to you, honest, in integrity." Qoya classes, rituals, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings have consistently offered a safe and sacred space for souls to explore their true essence through the movement of their body and to strengthen their confidence in their own knowing. Although others can hold a container for us to heal, evolve, and liberate ourselves, my understanding is that when there is a soul fork in the road, we are ultimately our own best healers.

Can you imagine your version of enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree? How can you hold a vision of your highest destiny and infuse that with your willingness to heal whatever is emerging right now? Can you honor the miracle of transformation that has already blessed your life so many times as proof that it can, and likely will, again and again? How do you merge with the moments that offer an opportunity to embody the idea that the Self liberates the Self? How do you celebrate the choice to align with your truest essence? Finally, how do you see yourself as worthy of such healing and transformational beauty in your inner and outer lives?

Our resident astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg, shares: 

The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29, 2018 (8:57pm EST) is a catharsis. A healing through shedding and metamorphosis. The purification taking place now serves creation. Last New Moon, we began life anew. This Moon allows us to dig deep into our inner reservoirs so we can commit to the path. Not all moments of letting go stay with us forever. Some feel like they simply pass without too much change. This particular moment of transformation will be everlasting. It is supported. It welcomes our alchemy with stability and eventual success. We are invited to bind with what we love, to merge with what wants to come through us. It is already within us; its potential stored within our power. Let commitments now be commitments to our innate power. To serving the immensity and depth of our capacities. Let life itself be the ceremony and the commitment with which we seek to merge.

When reading a story about the Buddha's life, I was moved by one particular part I hadn't heard before. The Buddha was doing renunciation practice and hadn't eaten in a long time. He was weak, emaciated, and barely had the energy to continue on, then a woman brought him some food. As he ate it, he had an epiphany about the the middle path and garnered the strength to continue his path of liberation.

I share this to offer the question: in addition to expanding your capacity to see your own worthiness, are you willing to deeply nourish yourself along the way? Can you see the correlation of caring for your body, mind, heart, and spirit as essential? Is it not necessary for you to remember your essence, embody your worthiness, and nourish yourself in order to hold space for others to do the same?

With awareness of our interconnected reality, I hope so.

I offer this movement ritual as an accessible way to bring this prayer into your body and feel yourself dance your relationship to worthiness and nourishment. Another option is to free dance around your bedroom to Worth It by Fifth Harmony :) Choose which feels most nourishing to you!


Thank you for the ways that you strengthen the spirit of everyone in our Qoya community by awakening to your own worthiness, nourishing your Self, and sharing the love that you are with the world around you.

May all of our efforts on our path of liberation benefit the highest good of all beings without exception.

May all beings be happy and free from suffering.

May it be so for you. May it be so for me. May it be so for all of us.

With love,


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