Dear Explorers of the Embodied Life, 

As we embark on 2018, we may find ourselves living in the question: what is on the other side of our transformation, individually and collectively? 

In the midst of so much letting go, so much rising up, and so much change, what is the purpose of it all? Spiritually speaking, there's always an opportunity for the soul to grow, and all experiences eventually usher you back to the holy home of your heart. Physically speaking, what is the purpose of these changes and challenges as you live your life doing your sacred work, loving your family and friends, participating in your communities, and paying the bills? With a more holistic and realistic perception of the physical embodiment of your spirit, your practical mind, and your daily need to lead a life that both flows and functions, the purpose of all this transformation is: you can emerge with clarity and purity. 

Has this been true for you lately? For example, do you feel like your soul has been consciously or subconsciously enrolled in a life detox? Has your sensitivity to the circumstances that do not serve your highest good become illuminated more quickly and sometimes abruptly? Does the old paradigm of things you've denied or endured that used to be okay no longer resonate? Are you feeling inspired (or forced) to make changes while also feeling supported by the clarity (finally!) of which direction to walk? Is that clarity of action matched by a purity of intention in your heart? 

Because if you are, you are not alone. 

It's one thing to be ambitious and committed in the timeline of what's most immediate. It is another thing to be committed to the timeline of the bigger picture. 

Each moment of every day, there are dozens of invitations either to compromise your integrity or dance in it. This isn't a time to feel shame or let guilt weigh you down, but to honestly reflect on the transformation that is taking place. You can no longer acquiesce to what isn't aligned with spirit in all practical parts of yourself. 

Through the transformation of these times, there's no longer a veil of illusion that you can sit still on a train headed in the wrong direction. You must get the attention of the conductor! You must make an announcement on the PA system! You must organize the community of the car you're on and send ambassadors to talk to the other cars! This isn't a time to heighten your distraction but to open your eyes and see the truth with clarity. It's a time to open your third eye to see the non-dual purity - the love that unites you with all others - that comes to live in the world through you. To serve this love, you offer yourself to do what practically needs to be done, to chop the wood and carry the water of daily life.

As Virginia says below, facing reality can be sobering, but talk to anyone who has struggled with an addiction and learned that during those times when the fog clears and clarity emerges, sober can be a refreshing space. No more disillusionment - only feeling clear. May the clarity of these times and the communities in which we gather support us in the roots of truth that connect us to one another.

Our resident astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg, shares: 

The New Moon in Capricorn on January 16, 2018 (9:17pmEST) is an intentional time to begin purposeful pursuits. The world is changing. As the world changes, we also change. We grow up. We learn to respond rather than react. We steady ourselves, take responsibility for what we can, and release the rest. We embrace our agency, allowing our choices to be deliberate and wise. This New Moon comes at a time when we’ve made some realizations. Perhaps we recently made serious choices, or had important conversations. Facing reality can be sobering, but it also brings relief. Now that we know what we’re dealing with, what are we going to do with it? There is plenty of room for improvements. This moon shows us where good work can be done, offering us a sense of purpose and another sweet mountain to climb. Align towards your next set of pursuits. Make manageable goals and set yourself up for success. Transform self-doubt into self-confidence. You can do this. You were made for it. Be the master you were meant to become. Set firm intentions and let time do its magic. Savor every step on your journey toward fulfillment.

To embody this energy of the New Moon in Capricorn, which is an earth sign, here is a Qoya movement ritual that takes place in the redwood forest. Imagine yourself connecting with the earth as you connect with your body and explore your relationship to Clarity and Purity at this time and being able to feel the resonance of truth in your body as you navigate your days and nights. 

Who would we be if we were clear about what matters most? 

Shall we find out?

With a clarity of potential and a purity of love,


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