Dear Explorers of the New and Ancient Ways,

If you're on this mailing list, there is likely a part of you that resonates with the messages of Qoya. If you've done a few Qoya classes, been on a retreat or read the book, you may already know them by heart:

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember. 

We remember our essence is wise, wild and free.

Wise, wild and free draw reference to the movement forms we practice. Wise calls on the inner wisdom evoked in yoga and meditation. Wild calls on the authentic creativity available to us in dance. Free invites us to expand our capacity to enjoy being in our bodies through feminine movement.

In Qoya, there is no way you can do it wrong, and the way you know you're doing it right is that it feels good to you, and more than feeling good, that it feels honest. 

Qoya is an invitation to embody the values that so many of us are inspired to anchor on the planet through the way we live our lives. It offers practices that strengthen and support the feminine essence to be seen and trusted as the source of action that brings a revolution of reverence and interconnection to this world. We begin by remembering that everything within us is interconnected ~ our mind, body, spirit, soul, energetics. To the extent that we're able to hold the immensity of this perspective, we then remember the interconnectedness of everything in this world.

I've been passionately focused on offering my life as an experiment to living this way and articulating through movement, ritual, community gatherings, pilgrimages, and writings what this potentiality offers us. The main gift has often been the deepening of connection. A deeper connection to ourselves, our soul, the earth, spirit, each other, our purpose, and our faith. The modern challenges of isolation and its various catalysts of loneliness are widespread, yet we can easily cross the bridge back to our wholeness through the whispers of our own intuition to trust in the guidance that's accessible when we take a little time to listen.

There is no rush here, only awareness. We step outside of the urgency of linear time and learn how to harness our power into our presence. In one conscious moment, we can send ripples backwards and forwards in time. We learn how to embody the paradox of blessings and challenges like the paradox of our breath. They come in and they go out. In the ever changing, ever evolving world, a still point exists for us to observe from and trust in, a source of love that we learn how to offer to everything... eventually. 

The point of all the words above, of every Qoya blog post, of every Qoya class, of every Qoya ritual, gathering, or pilgrimage is a prayer that you feel safe enough to trust yourself and the truth of your experience. That you honor your inner wisdom and lived experience and integrate them into the outer world with grace and impact. We all want to make the world a better place. I've always felt that if I could get a few women to remember how to deeply listen to themselves, trust themselves, be in a community of support, and share our stories, it would serve the highest good of all. I've been so honored to be a small part of many women's journeys, their remembering and their re-commitment to share the gifts they have to share.

And so that when a New Moon in Scorpio crosses your path, you know you have the inner guidance to navigate through its depth and meet its intensity with wisdom.

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Our resident astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg, writes: 

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 18th (6:42am EST) is an elixir vial. Within is a potion of change. Become the medicine you need now. Imbibe of your own deepest essence. How does the brew taste? Bitter or sweet? Pungent or acrid? Sour or salty? Soothing or stimulating? Sometimes we reach places in life where there is no going back. We've been weighing an invitation into our next chapter. In doing so, we've been assessing the parts of our being that stand in the way of what is meant for us. This New Moon is our opportunity to lay those down - and lay claim. To end our oscillation and commit to choice. To get out of our own way and into the potent stream of living power. What does it feel like to dance with every unseen wish and desire deep within? To salsa alongside yourself in hidden parallel dimensions? Strip away your hesitations and doubts. Put on your cosmic cloak and let the stars seep their eternal magic through you and your creations. Let the soil of this world be bathed in primordial intelligence. It is said that we cannot selectively feel, and that when we dance within what is most uncomfortable, therein resides our rapturous enchantment.

I've been thinking a lot about astrology lately because today Virginia and I are launching Embodied Astrology, our first online course together to give you an opportunity to reclaim your inner astrologer. Whether you have no previous experience with astrology or a fiery passion for it, I truly believe there's an opportunity for us to embrace the wholeness of our own lives and our world when we connect with our ancestors who trusted the night sky to deepen its relationship with the mystery of the sun, moon and stars.

Here's why: across time and culture, before iPhones and light pollution, humans tracked the passing of time by having a direct relationship with the sun, moon and stars. Adventurers would navigate across large stretches of earth and water guided by the predictable changes of light and dark, day and night. We stare at the same sky our ancestors did, and we are the future they imagined. 

Modernity's cost has been the systematic discrediting of the intuitive wisdom inside of ourselves, the ancient teaching of the earth, and the enchanted animated consciousness in the world around us. Some of us are devoted to exploring a perspective that honors the interconnection and interdependence of all things, a world view that finds affirmation in the resonance when our intuition is matched by an external world manifestation known as synchronicity. In many ways, synchronicity becomes the anchor of affirmation, the reward for our trust to align with our truth and see it affirmed with a wink from the universe (or ourselves in another dimension, for those of us who watched the move Interstellar. ;-)

I can share many stories of how understanding the archetypes of astrology have helped me accept and navigate difficult experiences in my life, but this one's the latest. I'm in an uncomfortable and challenging chapter of my story this week. I'm writing this to you on the day before the New Moon in Scorpio. Unexpectedly, I found myself in the ER this week having an emergency surgery. The nurses would ask, "How do you feel?" I would look them in the eye and say, "I feel a lot of different things all at the same time." Immersed in the reality of practicality and the miracles of modern medicine, being treated for something there are no natural or alternative cures available for, I also found myself aware of the archetypical presence of Scorpio.


Some themes we dance with in the Scorpio section of Embodied Astrology are: Power. Resiliency. Intensity. Mystery. Depth. Research. Transformation. Intimacy. Sex. Magnetism. Seduction. Destruction. Rebirth. Phoenix Rising from Ashes. Letting go. Embracing it all. Bringing the unconscious into consciousness. Shadows. Secrets. Ancestry. Shamanism. Therapy. Understanding the synchronicity between my personal experience and the energy of this week has helped me feel more resilience, willingness to embrace this challenging moment, and trust, both in myself and my unfolding story that's a small, yet interconnected part of humanity's story.

I don't see astrology as fatalistic or deterministic. I see astrology as a way to embrace the archetypical energies of the natural world and work with them versus against them. When I saw Richard Tarnas, author of the book Cosmos and Psyche, speak, one of my favorite things he said is, "Astrology is like a clock. It doesn't determine the time, but it tells you what time it is."

During this Scorpio moon, I'll be plunging into the watery depths of my own healing. I'll be calling on the Scorpionic courage that requires descent before ascent and that requires flames to rise from ashes. To feel this alignment inspires me and brings me comfort.

And you??? This is the best part: it will be different for every one one of us. Instead of needing to call an astrologer (as much as I love to do that myself) I wonder: would you be willing to print out this sample chapter of the workbook, do this Scorpio video, then answer the questions in the workbook after moving and see how much you already know about the energy that is the New Moon in Scorpio? Can you articulate the unique opportunity that lives in this moment for YOU supported by this energy? And in true Scorpionic style, are you willing to move it from unconsciousness to consciousness? Just for fun, in addition to what you notice in your own life, where do you see the Scorpio energy present in the collective?

This free video and chapter from Embodied Astrology are our gifts to you to have another opportunity to tune into the wisdom that lives inside of you by exploring the different astrological archetypes.

If you enjoy those above, please check out the full course. It includes: 

-Introductory Videos for each sign to give you an overview of its aspects

-12 Qoya Movement Rituals so you can embody each sign (approximately 20-30 minutes each)

-Integration Videos with an exercise to apply in your life

-Course Workbook (105 pages!) with journal prompts, blessings, and more for deep reflection and developing your personal relationship with each archetype

We're offering a special Early Bird Discount of $222 to celebrate the course's launch, and you'll also receive a special Early Bird Q&A call with us in late January 2018 if you sign up now. 

Click here to learn more and register. 

With trust and love,


P.S. In addition to the course, if you're inspired to have a reading with an experienced astrologer, I would love to honor the people I've worked with over the years and the gratitude for all their devotion to harmonizing our understanding of "as above, so below."

Sao is a passionate man put on this earth to assist with the awakening of the divine feminine. His readings go into the center of your soul, then you change what needs to be changed to align with it. Many women in my community have had the same experience. His sessions are more about giving you an overall map or life plan. Please note: his readings can be overwhelming with his demand that you rise to your highest potential and have been known to last several hours!

The AstroTwins are spot on for practical daily inspiration, weekly and monthly horoscopes, as well as their one-on-one readings and Astrology themed retreats. Ophi and Tali are amazingly intuitive and great for modern interpretations of bringing the stars to life in a way that can be immediately put into your day planner. 

Tami Brunk has a generous wealth of knowledge to share. She's also a shamanic astrologer, focusing on the divine feminine, who offers great newsletters, one-on-one sessions, and really incredible online courses. I love her work so much and recommend one of her Birth Chart Readings in which she reads your star chart looking what stars were most present when you were born. 

Virginia Rosenberg, our resident Qoya astrologer, has offered the perfect support to so many women on dozens of Qoya retreats, allowing them to take home a map of integration and support for their next steps. Being with Virginia is like sitting down with your very best childhood friend who is a master of understanding the soul of astrology and your soul at the same time. She's great for those having their 1st or 50th reading. 

Qoya in NYC with Rochelle Schieck

December 2nd from 2:00pm-4:00pm

For this special class in New York City, we will dance with our relationship to trusting the journey and emerging with a deeper sense of wholeness as we take our experience from class and integrate it into our lives.

Click here to register. 

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