I am so grateful for the initiations I have received in my travels, inner and outer.

The movement initiations through dance, yoga, sensual movement, personal training and western fitness.

The ritual initiations through my shamanic studies with the Four Winds and with my mentor and friend, Marcela Lobos.

The community initiations through so many of the divine feminine, women's empowerment and female leadership classes, conferences and gatherings I've attended.  

Finally, the pilgrimages - from 16-18,000 feet at the tops of sacred mountains to the lowest surface of the earth at the Dead Sea. From temples in India to cathedrals in Europe to shrines in Thailand to cave paintings in Africa.  

All my initiations - every single one - have taught me, reminded me, or forced me to remember that everything is within. That's why there is a labyrinth spiral in the center of the new Qoya logo. To remind us that all we seek is within us, and to see that the divine spark that animates all things lives in us. In any situation, just keep going deeper and it will be there for you, too. Always is.

That's also why I am dancing in the center of a labyrinth in my new free video series! I am so excited to share these videos with you, and thank you for your patience and support in getting them together. They are a gift from my dancing heart to yours, and I plan to release a free 15-minute movement ritual on each new and full moon for the rest of the year. I will also offer full hour-long video classes for sale on my website soon! Each video will have a unique theme for that particular time, but will also be good to dance to any time you are called to embody that particular energy.  

The first video's theme is: BE THE LIGHT

You know that quote by Gandhi, "Be the change you way to see in the world"? I was thinking along those lines..."Be the light you want to see in the world!"

Gandhi also says, "There is force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results."

The easiest, most powerful and effective way I know to tap into that light is through the movement of my body. Enjoy this video to do the same! Note: there's another version on our Youtube channel without music if you wish to play your own.

On this Full Moon in Virgo, your Qoya astrological invitation is to:

Feel it all. On March 5, the full moon in Virgo brings us in touch with just the opposite: our tendency to analyze, engineer and perfect. Being of service is of paramount importance — and the very first step is consciously rooting into your own emotions, i.e. how do you really feel? Release self-critical thought loops, and let the universe show you your present inner strength, especially your indomitable feminine power. Make a wish for self-mastery; once you have that, the world is definitely a creation of your own unique making.

New to Astrology? Here's why this is important. There are hundreds of billions of stars in the sky, but the 12 special constellations that make the zodiac form an exact band around the earth, instead of orbiting around the Sun like planets. These star constellations are the archetypical energies that inform the energetic vibrations on Earth. As things are above, so they are below. When you look up at the sky and are able to see the way the theatrical presentation or movie is playing out above, you can get some clues how the same energy is playing out here on earth.

Right here, right now with a full moon in Virgo, have the courage to remember how to BE THE LIGHT and from that place, manifest your dreams.  

May it be so for you.

Dancing in your corner,