March 1st, 2015 makes me think of March 1st, 2009 when I taught my first Qoya class on a Sunday evening in New York City. 

In the last six years, we've:

  • trained 143 Qoya Teachers
  • led 28 Qoya Retreats on six different continents
  • taught thousands of Qoya Classes
  • danced millions of footsteps to billions of heartbeats
  • ...and Oprah called. Well, not Oprah herself, but one of her writers. It was great.

Most importantly, we have remembered.

We have had moments when we transcended the illusionary perception of "the world," illuminated the truth of love, and felt it as a physical sensation of truth in our body. 

We have left partners and jobs that weren't aligned with that truth. We have committed to beloveds and projects that were. We have birthed children and lost ones in the physical, but honored them in the ethereal forever. We have reached out to support those in need, and have received encouragement to continue trusting, even when things are hard. Especially when things are hard.

We have, as Lynne Twist of the Pachamama Foundation says, been hospice workers to the old ways of fear, scarcity, isolation and ego, and midwives to the new ways of trust, love, collaboration and interconnectedness. We are holding space for change by honoring the gifts of the past, while courageously taking a stand for the future.  

We have done so much more than danced, and we will do so much more. Together.

This is the new Qoya Logo, which is also the map for the book I am in the final rounds of editing! I will be revealing each intentional aspect of the design soon. For today, just feel it for yourself and trust whatever it means to you.

Thank you for dancing with the spirit of Qoya in any way that you have. Maybe you've read the blog, done the 10 Days to Love Qoya, gone on a retreat, or become a teacher.  

I bow at your feet in gratitude.  

I often say that it doesn't feel right to say I created Qoya, because the truth is, Qoya is creating me. She is a lineage of wisdom, wildness and freedom. She is an archetype of the divine feminine uniquely embodied through each one of us. She is love personified and magnified through our dance, and gratefully, she is here.

Thank you. As I celebrate this sacred day in the calendar of my own life, I celebrate you and your own courageous journey to remember.

100,000 blessings on all your journeys to remember on March 1st, 2015 or whichever day you read this, and every day Qoya passes through your awareness.

Qoya is Wise, Wild and Free. So are You.

Remember to remember,

Rochelle Schieck
Creator of Qoya

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