I pray a lot. My whole life seems to be a living and breathing prayer. A prayer of gratitude for food before I eat, a prayer of asking for ways to truly and sincerely be of service in this world before I work, a living dancing prayer of joy for the dance of it all as I move.   On full moons and new moons I do despacho prayer ceremonies, with girlfriends we share our deepest desires and during my peak of orgasm I whisper my dream to the universe.   What is this dream?  I've been praying it and saying it for almost two years now.  It's embodyqoya.com. EmbodyQoya.com is designed to guide a woman step-by-step through her journey to learn to revel in and savor the pleasureable physical sensations of moving her body with easy to access online videos.  Integrating the wisdom of yoga, the opportunity for creative expression in dance, and the reclaiming of pleasure through sensual movement, Qoya evolves the way we have been taught to move our bodies as women.

With EmbodyQoya.com, you can learn yoga postures and sequences, breathing exercises and meditation techniques with simple short videos online.  Master basic steps every woman should know like the grapevine, box step, and latin rhythms like samba and salsa in the Wild Section. In the Free Section, learn how to slow down and take time to open your heart, liberate your hips and express your sensual essence.  There are dozens of videos that are 5-10 minutes, 15-30 minutes and full hour long Qoya routines as well.

In the midst of working on launching this project, I get a call from an amazing woman who attended my last Qoya retreat in Costa Rica.  Her and 3 other graduate students studying project management from Norway were looking for a project to help develop and launch.  Imagine my heart beating faster and faster with excitement as we began exploring the possibility of working together.  I'm so thrilled to share that these 4 amazing young women are coming to the Qoya Costa Rica Retreat April 21-28, 2012 to immerse themselves in Qoya and then to New York for the month of May to help create and develop Qoya Kids.  This is the inspiration I've needed to complete EmbodyQoya.com and then be able to offer Embodyqoya.com as the format for Qoya Kids as well!   They needed a project and I really needed an extra set of hands. Or four.

If you have been touched by the message of Qoya and would like to be a part of this magic as we workshop and adapt Qoya for children, I invite you to meet these amazing grad students and see their first piece of work they created to help raise money to help fund this dream.  See the video here and the details on kickstarter.  Just like a little bit of movement goes a long way, so does a little bit of help from our friends.

Another story, beyond the things that you can't even make up to inspire the spirit and the cynic and in connection with the creation of Qoya Kids is that 2 weeks ago I went To Peru to continue studying with two of my teachers and the Peruvian shamans there as well. A simple twist of fate was that the only ticket available for my desired price was 2 days earlier than when the class started.  This was perfect because I also had this huge desire to visit Lake Titicaca.   What happened afterwards is almost a little bit beyond words for me.

I went to Lake Titicaca and hired a tour guide who I became friendly with. After seeing the divine Lake Titicaca, she told me she wanted to take me to a very special spiritual place nearby.  When we arrived she said, "these are the Qoya tombs."  The what? I hadn't yet shared with her that I named my work based on the last time that I was in Peru where I heard the name Qoya and it's definition of a female manifestation of higher consciousness.  She didn't know my business was called Qoya and I didn't know what was about to happen.

I came to learn that while Qoya can be used as a word to express this higher feminine consciousness, Qoya is also the name of pre-Incan CIVILIZATION.  Indigenous people who lived with deep reverence.  For the earth.  For family.  For spirit.  For ritual.  For dance. For celebration.  For life.  I meditated at the site and felt the call to expand Qoya for kids, teenagers and start finding ways to include men as well.  The interesting and magical thing was how called I was to Lake Titicaca and to learn that this is the only place in the world the Qoya people lived.  Like I said in the beginning, you can't even make this stuff up.

What sort of profound and multi-layered story of synchronicity lives in you?  How does it feel when the magic of the world orchestrates something beyond the ability of your own imagination to dream?  What sort of things do you notice lead you to this magic?

For me, I know that the more I do my daily rituals, the more I honor my intuition and inner voice, the more I am of service, the more I dance and the more I rest, the more open I am to receiving messages and following the call that leads me past the marked trail of my desires and into the unknown unmarked trail of things beyond what you can even dream.

If the spirit moves you, I ask for your support in the creation of Qoya kids and our team of Norwegian interns for the month of May to take the essence of Qoya and find ways to create videos for kids and parents, curriculum for teachers and other fun and effective ways to empower kids to know their true selves and to dance and revel in the joys of their life.  There's some fun prizes too.  Looking forward to dancing together in celebration and co-creating a civilization of remembering that our essence is wise, wild and free.

With gratitude to you and to life,