Once upon a time, a friend asked me for guidance on how to live a more inspired life. The first thing I told her was to just move. My message, my medicine, my gift is sharing the teaching that through movement we remember, we remember our essence is wise, wild and free. Qoya is a map, a system of movements combining yoga, dance and sensual movement, that effectively guide you to your own awareness of this truth. However, it doesn't have to be Qoya. It can be going for a walk around your neighborhood or along the beach, getting on a bike instead of in a car, or dancing in your living room for 10 minutes (maybe to this Qoya video! *password: qoya) The premise is- just move and you will feel better. I promise.


It's also important to ask for help. Ask for guidance from whatever your personal relationship to spirit is. Ask your angels, light, God, Goddess or other expression of the divine. After you ask, there is something else, maybe even more important than the asking. After asking for guidance, you have to listen for the answer and be willing to follow it.

When you hear your intuitive voice, when you receive the guidance for your next steps on your soul's journey, are you able to listen? Are you able to trust what you hear? Are you able to take action?

Note to self: the voice often leads you out of your comfort zone. It requires something of you beyond what your logical mind can rationalize. It requires faith. It requires trust. It requires a sense of adventure.

A few women who are contemplating joining us in Costa Rica for the Qoya Retreat April 21-28, 2012 have been emailing me to inquire whether or not this is the right time for them and one asked if I had any tips on making decisions when you feel like it is intuitively right for you, but are having a challenging time getting all the puzzle pieces to fit together. Here are my tips on making a decision that is heart-centered, soul-stirring, mentally courageous and expansive.

1- Prepare yourself so you are in a better position to hear your inner guidance. I once heard the wise woman Meggan Watterson speak at her powerful Reveal conference. She shared a keen observation technique on how to decipher between your ego and soul voice. She said, "your soul voice sounds like a whisper that resonates as truth while your ego voice often sounds like a used car salesman trying to convince you of something." To be able to hear the voice that has your best interests at heart, you must do some spring cleaning of your temple. Just move! Exercise, eat a healthy meal, get a good night sleep, meditate for 10 minutes listening to your breathing and whenever possible, indulge in the spa experience. This can be getting a massage, sitting in hot springs or drawing yourself a bath at home. It's not just about pampering yourself, it's about being conscious that stress and anxiety activate and feed the used car salesman. Having your body in a state of deep relaxation opens up your capacity to hear the whisper of the soul voice.

2- Practice listening. One of my favorite things to recommend when wanting to develop a deeper connection with your intuition is to take an hour of your day with no plans. For one entire hour, release any agenda and start to go where your intuition leads you. This is especially fun if you live in New York City, but can be done anywhere. On foot or in a car, just stop, take a couple deep breaths and wait for guidance. Right, left, the next town, go eat, sit in the sun, be up for the adventure. It doesn't matter where you end up. It's more about evoking your ability to listen and be self-guided. Your willingness to listen creates space for magic to rush in.

3- Get a community of support to cheer you on.  Let's say you hear a message. You feel a calling. There is a soul-stirring inside you...a zing. You start to contemplate taking action. People around you may question whether it is sane, so I recommend enrolling a circle of support of people who encourage you to dream bigger dreams and to take action in that direction. What you put your attention on grows. If you start practicing listening, you will get better at listening and every time you make an intuitive decision that aligns with all parts of your Self, you will get stronger and cultivate more faith for the next one.

Personal fulfillment comes from the living of your own truth, and in my opinion, ecstasy comes from dancing in your truth. What guidance is living in you ready to be heard?  Take really good care of yourself, ask your question and be open to receiving your answer.  Once you do, let it call your courage forward.  Sending light to your journey. May it be sweet, filled with synchronicity and resonate with your deepest sense of self.

Loving and listening, Rochelle

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Dance with me online here for a 10 minute movement ritual to dream bigger dreams (password: qoya) Dance with me in Costa Rica April 21-28, 2012 at Blue Spirit Retreat Center Dance with me and two of my amazing muses at a new retreat called the Goddess Altar in Woodstock, NY May 21-25, 2012 Just Dance!

Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room. - Kurt Vonnegut