My journey with movement started with a big desire to take dance classes when I was 8 years old.  My mom was pretty busy being a single mom and said no. I was determined and found a way.  A neighbor took dance classes so I would force her to teach me everything she learned and then I would practice it the whole week and run to her house immediately after she got back from class the next week.  I would practice in the school lunch line.  I would practice alone in my bedroom. I would practice on the front steps of my house for any neighbors who could be a potential audience. Dancing was like oxygen to me. I was one of the lucky ones.  My mom saw this desire wasn't letting up and started to become my biggest supporter and enrolling me in dance classes which came to be one of the most supportive and shaping parts of my whole life and it still is.

A team of Norwegian graduate students are here with me in Costa Rica at the Qoya retreat doing the Qoya teacher training and then we are spending a month creating Qoya for Kids.  It will be videos for parents and teachers, teacher training curriculum and classes online and in person to bring the qualities of Qoya which is based on the idea that through movement, we remember.  We remember our essence as wise, wild and free.  This is a big investment of time, money and energy and if the spirit moves you to support us, you could have a part in contributing to this project.  A muse of mine, burlesque dancer, friend and student of Qoya (and soon to be fellow Qoya teacher) wrote her recent blog post about why she is donating hundreds of dollars to this kickstarter campaign.  There's about 48 hours left to donate and help us reach our goal.  Read her blog post here:

I invite you to join me and Get up off that thing and dance until we all feel better.  And trust me, when we dance, we can feel better.  Try it for yourself.  Put on this song and just dance.  Make it simple, notice how much better you feel when you move.  And then imagine empowering children through simple technique that they can know how to access so much of what they seek to feel- energy, joy and the pulse of life through movement.

I'd be honored to join forces for more dancing in this world.

See our kickstarter campaign and video here

Love always wins and dance makes everything better.