Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

If I were to offer you insights on how to be more critical, more linear in your thinking, more goal-oriented, more focused on how things look than how they (assuming you were raised in our modern culture) likely do not need this training. The modern industrial complex of thought motivates many, and whether we live that way or not, it is embedded into our cultural psyche.

Qoya began with asking the question in many areas of my life and also in movement: what if we approached things in a feminine way? What if the goal is not change, but to be comfortable with more of who we are? What if we were not focused so much on how life looks, but deeply honor how it feels? What if we trust the truth inside of us even though it may be completely non-linear and changes from moment to moment? 

The reason I put such an emphasis on embodying the feminine aspects is not for a shift from patriarchy to matriarchy but for balance. When it comes to masculine and feminine energies, I often imagine someone has a tool belt and learns a hammer is best for a nail and a screwdriver is best for a screw. There are times in life, like building a bridge, when precise measurements, uncompromising structure, linear progression, and more focus on a collective goal than our individual emotions serve the highest good of all. However, there are times in life, say when someone dear has passed, when a more intuitive, gentle, compassionate, less structured, and non goal-oriented presence is the most honoring and helpful. 

Both are required for a balanced world of both action and compassion. The intention of every action and non-action is to serve life, the great mystery, and all living things.

This New Moon reminds us, as Qoya does, to slow down enough to deeply connect with how you feel. It is an invitation to be authentic. Trust your sensitivity and allow yourself to be liberated beyond a list of what you're supposed to do and how it's supposed to look. Instead, trust the resonance of each moment by how it feels in your body. Do the right thing for each moment, and know that it will change. Give yourself space to grieve when sad, rest when tired, celebrate when joyful, eat when hungry, speak when inspired, and contemplate when you need reflection. 

I love how Gandhi explains this. He says,

“My aim is not to be consistent with my previous statements on a given question, but to be consistent with truth as it may present itself to me at a given moment. The result has been that I have grown from truth to truth.”

Our resident Qoya astrologer Virginia Rosenberg adds:

The New Moon in Libra on October 19, 2017 (3:12pm EST) is evolutionary fireworks. Life can be chaotic, dramatic, and shocking. There is beauty in balance. Today's New Moon encourages temperance and my mom's best advice: "Everything in moderation." To be strong and soft, firm and kind, sure and flexible. To be wild and revolutionary - and also peaceable and in harmony with grace. When all parts of one's being co-operate, it ends the war within the self. We see the truth that there is only one of us here. This moon highlights our learning journey. Our culture has become distant from the natural Divine. No person outside of you is privy to your own innate knowing. The answer to every question resides inside. To deepen your wisdom, look to yourself, your instincts, and your relationship with the other worlds. You are your own teacher and student. Reclaim your wildness. Reclaim your wisdom. In doing so, be liberated to hold and share the harmonic of freedom. The jungle is thick with mystery and chaos, yet also resplendent in its serenity. Be like the jungle. Be nothing other than yourself, in totality.

The reward of this authenticity, based in honoring your deepest sensitivity, is connection. A deeper connection to Self, Others, and Spirit. Most inauthenticity is a trick of the mind to create an illusion of connection by acquiescing away from what you hold as true. This works less and less these days with all of our lives becoming more and more transparent. 

Notice the places where you feel a sincere encouragement to honor your feelings and express them. Go there today. Notice the places where you feel consistent obstruction to hear your truth and speak it. Limit your time there today. Reclaim your power with your attention and choices, and align with this New Moon in Libra by choosing a beautiful space for yourself to be authentic to who you are in this moment, embracing that this will change in each emerging moment. This requires deep trust in your innate being, the person you've always been since you were born, the natural you. Deem yourself trustworthy. 

To practice this in the body, I invite you to do this Qoya movement ritual, An Invitation to be Authentic. 

After this video or anytime you're called, I also invite you to think of a musician or any music that feels purely authentic to you. As you play that song, let the vibration you perceive outside of you dance inside of you. Explore the power of that resonance to know for yourself, from your own experience, the value of living in this way.

Thank you for the ways in which you've offered your life force to this balancing act. With a prayer for mutuality in all our relations and a kindness that recognizes the source energy that animates each one of us, we plant our individual authentic seeds to grow in the garden of our collective heart.

Holding the vision,


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