By using movement as way to control your feelings, you build confidence in trusting your body's messages and trust yourself at a deeper level. Whatever you do in life, trusting yourself is at the foundation of everything, whether in your work, your relationships, your or spiritual work and self-care.

My goal in Qoya is to use movement as a way for women to trust themselves. To feel the physical sensation of truth in their bodies and set that feeling as north on their compass, trusting it in all of life's decisions.

What if you made all your decisions based on the feeling in your body? How do you think your life would be different?

How would it feel to move through life knowing that everything you ever need to know already lives inside of you?

Can you imagine a relationship with your body in which you trust it fully, trusting its messages over all others?

It can be hard to believe in yourself and trust that your feelings are valid and true, especially when it comes to making decisions with your heart and soul rather than your head, seeking your internal validation rather than the world's external validation.

Let today's video guide you to surrender to all the sensations of wise, wild and free that are always available to you through your body. To help you tap into the physical sensation of truth in your body and trust it. To trust yourself. To believe.

Thank you so much for dancing with me these past 10 Days!

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I look forward to dancing with you in the future!

With gratitude,