Dear Qoya Family, Thank you so much for being with me on this journey of Qoya to share the message that through movement, we remember.  We remember our essence is wise, wild and free.  Through the wisdom of yoga, wild and creative expression in dance and the freedom to enjoy ourselves through sensual movement, we reconnect to our truth and feel it through all the different levels of perception; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, soulful and energetic.  We align ourselves in integrity with our deepest truth and from that spot- we dance.

I am so honored to be dancing with you in spirit, through these blog posts, in classes and retreats and would love for you to join me on another journey. I'm taking a two month pilgrimage to reclaim the divine feminine and just wrote my first blog for the Huffington Post that talks more about it.  Would love to share it with you and hear your stories in the comment section if the spirit moves you.

Also, I'm loving sharing with women.  Be sure to check out the free 10 days to Embody Qoya video or join for $30 a month and have access to over 50 videos so that you can feel that wise, wild and free woman in you.  Check out the site here.  I recommend beginning with Day Number 3 called "Serenity Now."  Notice how just massaging yourself for 5 minutes can shift the energy of your day.  Go straight to that video here!

Enjoy the full moon today and all the blessings that cross your path.

With love and whirling dervish devotion,