Doubt’s best antidote is experience.

In this 1-year mentorship program focusing on Deep Listening — to yourself, to others, to nature, to life, and to the evolutionary potential of these times — you will not only receive the knowledge to build confidence but opportunities for empowerment that can only come through experience.

Do you feel inspired to lead a community of people through the transformational experience of a Qoya Retreat?

Have the embodied practices of Qoya movement, ritual, community building, and pilgrimage supported you on your journey?

Qoya Movement
Explore movement with meaning as medicine and as a powerful way to remember the physical sensation of truth in your body.

Engage your mental and emotional presence by honoring the blessings and challenges of life in a reverent and ceremonial way.

Make the invitations. Commit to community. Gather with authenticity, respect, and encouragement for others on the journey.

Follow the call to journey beyond daily awareness, internally in vision and externally in traveling the world.

So many of us are ready to be reborn. We’re shedding our pasts, completing the old egoic stories based in competition and separation, and remembering how to heal by honoring our truth to those who are trustworthy. We sense the transformational times we live in and offer our lives as alchemical containers through which this new world is reborn. We commit to holding space for this revolutionary transformation.

So how do we get past our fears?

The same way we support others to move past theirs.
Movement. Ritual. Community. Pilgrimage.


In this year-long mentorship, you’ll explore the many layers of leading a Qoya retreat and master a repeatable energetic structure that you can use to create a transformational experiences in workshops and retreats. You’ll also receive 9 complete Qoya workshop and retreat templates that are ready for you to share.

You’ll learn how to lead the retreat curriculum while also becoming fluent in the practical details of logistical planning, relationship building, marketing, and delivering with confidence.

Please note, this program is only available to those who are committed to learning  through embodied experience.

Each person who signs up for this year-long program will be asked to lead 6 Qoya workshops that we will support you to prepare, market, and teach to your local community.

Each month, we will gather online twice as a group, and you will also have a private Q&A forum with Rochelle and a personal session with Rochelle every 3 months for individual support for your teaching journey. In addition to this real time feedback and support, you'll receive recorded training calls and webinars in which Rochelle shares EVERYTHING she has learned from leading over 60 retreats in the last 10 years.

If you yearn to lead with integrity and accountability, this structure will ground you through experience. You’ll have all the worksheets and checklists to have confidence logistics are sorted so that you can focus on the power of your presence, able to deeply listen to your inner wisdom, what’s happening with each participant, the emerging moment, nature, and the world around you.

Deep listening is how we evolve past our individual experience into the magic of feeling connected as a group, and we take the experiences from a retreat to integrate back in our daily lives and the relationships we have with our families and friends, work, local, and global communities.

What happens on the other side of a retreat? It’s different for everyone, and our prayer is that there is an upsurge of joy. A reconnection to the awareness of the love that is always there when we have the good sense to embody it. A healing balm to our aches and pains. More reverence for the gift of everyday life.

In the midst of so much internal and external change, we’re holding the vision that you will learn how to lead workshops and retreats for those who feel called to strengthen their spirit, steady their thoughts, align their minds with the highest good, and soothe their souls.

Think about your own retreat experiences. Through movement, ritual, community and pilgrimage, what has transformed? How have you been able to grow? How much have you forgiven? How much lurking in the shadows has come to light? How have you awakened from the dream drought and found the courage to dream bigger dreams for your life and the world?

Look through this Qoya Yearbook to sense the immense power of transformation that has been consistently birthed, nourished, renewed and expanded throughout the time and space of over 60 retreats on 6 different continents in the last 10 years!

In Qoya, you learn by doing.

You already know that the best way to learn how to teach Qoya is to...teach Qoya! Leading Qoya Retreats is no different.

The best way to learn how to hold the space for a larger group and teach a more in-depth curriculum than an hour-long Qoya class is by actually doing it.

But rather than throw you straight into the deep end, we've built a bridge. By teaching 9 Qoya workshops, you'll increase the length and size of your offerings gradually, helping you adjust to the increased time and energy requirements gradually, as well as building a strong community to eventually attend your retreat offerings.

It also takes a leap of faith to put down the money to book a retreat space and fill it. In addition to faith, it takes time, planning, patience, strategy, generosity, outreach, and imagination. More than anything, it takes willingness to train, to try, and to trust - both in the strong container of Qoya and in the call you feel in your body to rise up in leadership.




-2 Teaching Calls with Rochelle covering that month’s curriculum with Q&A (2 hours)

-Prepare and lead the monthly workshop in your community for 6 of the 12 months of the program (10+ hours)

-Complete any homework assignments for the month (1-2 hours)

-Teaching weekly classes is highly encouraged to continue to build experience and deepen relationships with your Qoya community.

In addition to this monthly schedule, you will also receive a private 1 hour session with Rochelle every 3 months to personally explore what will continue to support you in your leadership, experience and teaching.

The most important part of this program is the 6 Qoya Workshops in your community, starting in January 2019.

We also ask that you schedule yourself to attend one Qoya retreat during your time in the program, which is a 3-7 day commitment, depending on whether you attend a weekend or weeklong retreat.


"Qoya has grown to become an integral part of my life, like breathing or thinking about people I love. When I began teaching Qoya, the process itself was so multi-tonal that it was like learning to walk. There were things to learn, and within those things, other things, and within those, others. Offering classes organically morphed into the desire to offer workshops, workshops to shorter retreats, shorter retreats to teacher trainings, teacher trainings to longer retreats. This process has less about progressing and more about organically growing to occupy a space provided by nature - like a meadow asking for flowers. A lot of people need this medicine right now, and each of us are called to offer it in a unique way. If you feel the call to deepen your offering of Qoya, studying with Rochelle is a gift. Her ability to respect your unique medicine is unparalleled, and much of the learning is experiential, meaning it stays with you - in your very bones.  This is a beautiful path to walk, may you receive so many of its blessings."

SAMAR OCEAN WOLF CIPRIAN, Qoya Retreat Facilitator



Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

I am so excited to live into this experience. About 10 years ago, I was in a leadership training with Dr. Anne Davin where she spoke about the old paradigm of leadership as one person rising up, taking up all the space in the room, and encouraging people to be just like them. She then spoke of a new type of leadership in which someone rises up in order to create space for others to rise. This has always been my prayer with Qoya - to create a structure that is solid enough for other women to express their creativity, stand in the strength of their voice, and create community teaching where they live! In the last few years, it has been so inspiring to see Qoya teachers rise up to lead workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings, and my vision is that Qoya continues to grow, we continue to find more and more ways to value the wisdom of the circle and steward the work together.

How did this all start? You probably know how Qoya started, but how did the retreats start? Once upon a time, I asked myself, “If I could do anything, what would I do?”  The answer was easy: I wanted to travel the world and share with others the incredible expansion I had received on my adventures. Every time I put myself back on the path of the unknown, I learned about myself and others at such an exponential rate, I could barely keep up with all of the inspiration!

I went to other people’s retreats and workshops, and I loved them. Even in the ones that didn’t fully resonate, I learned so much about what not to do, and I was grateful for that. I thought I would be going for one reason then return with something even better. My learning path was non-linear and based on following the truth I felt in my body.  I didn’t realize I was preparing myself to lead my own retreats. I thought it was just a dream I had.

Then one day, I realized it’s unlikely that someone was going to knock on my door and say, “Rochelle, we’ve been giving it some thought, and we would love for you to lead retreats for us!” If this dream was going to happen, I needed to be willing to just start. I couldn’t start with years of experience; I had to start where I was. I also realized that no one could sign up for one of my retreats until I created one, so I started. The first retreat was a test run in the Hamptons with 10 of my friends and most frequent Qoya dancers. The next one was in Costa Rica with 13 amazing women.

After 10 years of leading classes, workshops, and retreats, I have had many conversations with Qoya teachers who would like to expand beyond classes and start leading workshops and retreats, so I developed this program to support and empower those who are called, benefitting from my 10 years of experience while also learning from your experiences as a teacher.

The templates I give you in this program aren’t the only way to lead a retreat, but they’re a template that is tried and true. Think of it as a map; each of you journeying with the same map will have a unique experience, but you’ll be supported and guided on the road, knowing what might be ahead,  where to turn, and recommendations on the best places to re-fuel, rest, and get delicious food!

In my nearly 10 years of leading retreats, I've experimented a lot! I've experienced both success and failure in everything from the course content to what I've charged to the venues I've booked. I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn't, and how to keep evolving as things change. I'll walk you through what I do now, so you can be have my support and the support of the others in the course to keep following the call you feel to lead.

I could have never imagined the way people’s lives have been changed and transformed because a safe and sacred space was opened where they chose to remember their essence.  

It touches my heart so deeply to see the courageous teachers who were moved to offer this work to their communities. I love Qoya and I believe in it, but there is only one of me. For those who feel the call to continue to share its philosophies and practices, I am forever grateful to you and committed to exploring all that we can co-create together!

With love, gratitude and excitement,



This program is for you if:

- You feel the call in your body to explore more continuing education and support for creating transformational containers through Qoya workshops and retreats.

- You are a Certified Qoya Teacher who has taught a minimum of 50 classes since your Intensive or a new Qoya teacher willing to teach a weekly class for the next year.

- You are ready to commit 10-20 hours per month for the next year to this training and leading 6 workshops.

- You are interested in a feminine model of servant leadership.

- You embrace a beginner’s mindset and welcome honest feedback on your teaching.

- You are committed to teaching Qoya classes long-term.

- You are committed to leading Qoya retreats long-term.

This is not for you if:

- You aren’t interested in teaching regular Qoya classes in your community (the foundation to a successful workshop and retreat business).

- You want to exclusively lead non-Qoya retreats (i.e. “Wise Woman Retreat,” yoga retreat, etc.) This training will focus only on the philosophies and practices of Qoya.

- You only want to lead online programs - we are focusing on in-person experiences.

- You aren’t open to receiving feedback or improving your teaching practice.

- You don’t feel inspired by the opportunity to learn and grow in this way and in this container.


You will need:

TIME: This course requires you to dive in. It’s really not possible to do any of this without prioritizing time in your schedule for it, and it isn't like an online course you can just revisit later. This is interactive learning by doing in real time in the group.

EXPERIENCE: The main things you’ll receive from this course will come from your experience. We will give you the support and tools, but many things you’ll only truly understand when you do them.

OPENNESS TO SUPPORT: We are here for you! Retreats require collaboration and communication, so we’re going to encourage you to stay open to support from others as you go through this process, especially as you step into teaching workshops and retreats. I think most of us can agree that martyrdom was a failed experiment. Let’s support one another and be open to receiving support along the way.

The result is that you will be supported as you deliver soulful and sustainable Qoya retreats with clarity, presence, and joy.


Through this structure, you'll find freedom to flow!


Get a taste of the topics we’ll be covering each month, with monthly workshops beginning in January 2019. You’ll get the workshop content months ahead of time so you have time to prepare, and all the workshops will be promoted as a group by Qoya in addition to your own marketing efforts.

October Kickoff Webinar + First Private Session with Rochelle - You'll meet the group and learn what to expect and what will be expected of you. In your session, you'll talk about your personal vision and goals for the program.


November - Structure and Clarity

  • Personal clarity and mission statement - what are you doing and why are you doing it? Plant the seeds to awaken your unique medicine.

  • Introduction to essential Qoya workshop and retreat structure

  • Introduction to group dynamics and tools for harmonizing different personality types

  • Facilitator 101 training - breathing, voice projection, eye contact, slowing down, self-care to prepare

  • Personal responsibility and accountability reflection to inspire greater ownership of your actions and inactions

  • Begin to plan and prepare for Workshop #1

December - Intuition and Growth

  • How to explore getting out of your own way and be an open channel

  • Tools to develop your intuitive awareness before and during group events

  • Understand the importance of humility as a facilitator that not only shares her own wisdom but creates space for the wisdom of the circle to emerge, deeply reverent of the unique pieces each participant holds

  • Practice openness in receiving feedback as part of the growth process to support one another in speaking authentically with the intention for supported transformation

  • Explore different marketing techniques that translate into enrollments

  • Make a commitment to alchemy of whatever arises

  • Continue to plan and prepare for Workshop #1

January - Planning and Logistics

  • Go over necessary details of choosing venues - selection, pricing, negotiation, contracts

  • Map out ideal timing for the best times of year to offer retreats

  • Receive templates of budgets to prepare for workshops and retreats to be sustainable and profitable

  • Develop strategies for time management and staying organized

  • Learn essential communication - what do people need to know?

  • Receive transportation templates and surveys to organize details around people’s food allergies, travel plans, and personal responsibility

  • Go over travel insurance, liability insurance, and waivers 

  • Share ideas on making planning fun! - prayer, retreat altars, rituals

  • Teach Workshop #1

  • Prepare for Workshop #2

February - Boundaries and Troubleshooting

  • Do group exercises to deepen skills in authentic relating
  • Troubleshoot scenarios of dealing with difficult people and situations

  • Learn how to create clean boundaries with your students

  • Become confident in compassionate communication

  • Receive scripts for handling challenges with grace

  • Teach Workshop #2

  • Prepare for Workshop #3

March - Lines of Support + Second Personal Session with Rochelle

  • Refine focus on your commitment to your personal inner work

  • Get clarity on who is part of your support team

  • Checklists on best practices for preparing yourself for a retreat

  • Learn importance of self-care during a retreat

  • Receive recipes for integration and celebration after a retreat

  • Practice expansive awareness to tune into what you really need

  • Teach Workshop #3

  • Prepare for Workshop #4

  • Personal check in with Rochelle in a private session

April - Sensuality

  • Explore best practices for holding a container for sensual awakening

  • Receive most up to date training on holding space for students healing trauma

  • Gain confidence in the clarity of language you use around sensuality

  • Commit to practices to seduce yourself to stay present in your body

  • Map out potential sensual learning experiences in workshops and retreat

  • Embody feminine leadership by being authentic in your own sensuality

  • Teach Workshop #4

  • Prepare for Workshop #5

May - Rituals and Music

  • Learn the anatomy of a ritual

  • Be empowered to create your own rituals

  • Be mindful of ritual logistics re: time, materials, etc.

  • Best practices for leading group exercises based in reverence

  • Receive library of sacred music for rituals

  • Deepen your relationship to music as the co-teacher

  • Cultural appropriation awareness training

  • Receive ideas on how to keep discovering new music

  • Teach Workshop #5

  • Prepare for Workshop #6

June - Confidence and Forgiveness

  • Practice self awareness by knowing your strengths, limitations, and growth edges when it comes to feeling prepared to offer retreats

  • Commit to trusting your unique medicine and continuing to nurture it

  • Expectations vs. Reality

  • How to bounce back when things don’t go as planned

  • Teach Workshop #6

  • Prepare for Workshop #7

  • Personal check in with Rochelle in a private session

July - Power of the Circle

  • Understanding the servant leader paradigm

  • Active practices in active listening

  • Clarifying how to support without coaching

  • Embodying leadership by example

  • Clarity in boundaried authenticity in your sharing

  • Remaining open to learning from your students

  • Growing your circle and finding new students

  • Recommendations on honoring the students you already have!

  • Teach Workshop #7

  • Prepare for Workshop #8

August - Dedication

  • Find the feminine strength in dedication through devotion

  • Understanding sustainability practices for yourself and your business to continue

  • How to manifest in right relationship and be in prayer about best practices moving forward

  • Leading with a strong focused mind and open generous heart

  • Learning the physical sensation of integrity for you in business and anchoring it in ceremony

  • Learn the art and  importance of closing an experience physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual

  • Teach Workshop #8

  • Prepare for Workshop #9

September - Integration

  • Understand the necessity, not the luxury of time to integrate for yourself and for your students!

  • Some words on spiritual protection, safety and responsibility in gathering people

  • Creating coming out into the world ceremonies for one another and support systems to continue to be visible in your truth and purpose

  • Explore the flow of energy that can come through you in your generosity

  • Become initiatied into the energetic blessings for students during savasana

  • Teach Workshop #9

  • Begin Preparing Your Retreat!

October - Celebration

  • Honor all that you learned with a group gratitude ceremony

  • Understand how celebration at the end is just as important as planning at the beginning!

  • Acknowledge the places where you have broken through and map the ways that you're better able to support others 

  • Articulate your strengths as a leader based on your experience and receive clarity for a call to guide your journey

  • Mastermind groups will give you extra support and tools you need

  • Final One on One Meeting with Rochelle

  • Launch your personal offering this month!


"I’ve been on over forty retreats since 2011. Twenty-five were with Rochelle on Qoya retreats where I was able to observe how she prepares herself before, during, and after retreats so she can fully show up as a facilitator during the week. She shows up for each person whether there are five or fifty people on the retreat. The guests showing up for a retreat are each coming for a personal reason - some truly need to ‘retreat’, others may be wanting community, or clarity on the next steps for their life. As a retreat facilitator, it’s our role to honor the path of each woman and to offer the group a transformational experience during the week. 

While Qoya retreats tend to call in deep spiritual connection and transformation, it’s important to remember we show up as a human leading the retreat and not as a spiritual leader. We may be good at connecting to spirit, but during a retreat we need to be even better at connecting to humans. I recently showed up for a 5 day retreat with a popular figure in the spiritual world and during the first session of the retreat, she announced that for her it was going to be a silent retreat - we weren’t to speak to her outside the classroom. That retreat facilitator lost me as a guest that first hour - even though I’m a fan of her work, she wasn’t prepared as a retreat leader to hold space for a group. 

Before the first Qoya Collective Retreat in 2015, there was a concern among the nine retreat leaders (Rochelle, myself, and seven others) whether we could create a transformative experience in a room of 50 women, the largest Qoya retreat ever. The first night we gathered in a circle of 50, and everyone went around the circle and introduced themselves. Before the start of the first Qoya class the next morning, Rochelle walked around the circle and said each women’s name - she’d taken the time to learn them. Throughout the week, I watched Rochelle greet each person outside of the Qoya room whether it was to share a meal or activity or float in the pool. As a retreat facilitator, how you show up matters - both inside and outside the Qoya room, and Rochelle models this with more skill and care than any other leader I know."

BETSY BLANKENBAKER, Qoya Retreat Facilitator



This program will be offered in an intimate small group setting. If you're inspired to embark on this journey, we’d love to share this experience together.




This training is incredibly immersive and intensive! It requires a lot of time for you and for us! While wanting to honor that but also make the training accessible to those who are passionate, we created a financial exchange in which your commitment to this work can lead you to earn back your tuition simply by doing the course!


This program is unique in that you will earn money by doing the work to complete it! Each monthly Qoya workshop you lead will cost $150 per person. You will keep the full price for your first two students to cover room rental costs and then 70% of the cost for each student after. The 30% to Qoya will cover marketing materials, web registration, and email correspondence with students as well as all the online materials they'll receive for integration and follow up.

This means that if you enroll 10 women in 7 workshops, you'll earn back the money that you invest in the training!  

We hope that you will also earn back your tuition many times over if you implement this program to prepare, market, and offer retreats. If your first retreat only gets 7 participants at an average tuition of $2,500, you'll earn the course tuition back.

An equal energy exchange is crucial for leading retreats sustainably, so as with everything else in this program, you learn about charging money for your courses by...doing it!


Your tuition includes:

- 2 group calls per month with Rochelle - one teaching call with Rochelle and one Q&A call to get support in your facilitation (every 2 weeks basically - start of the month and mid-month). All calls will be recorded.

- 3 one-on-one calls with Rochelle - 1) November; 2) April for a mid-way checkin; 3) September or before you lead your first retreat

- 9 Qoya workshops that you'll facilitate during the course (We ask everyone to commit to teaching 6 workshops and we will be promoting supporting all 9.) You’ll receive curriculum with playlists, rituals, group exercises, and meditations prepared for you to lead plus administrative and marketing support from Qoya. BONUS: you will earn money from these workshops! 

- 9 Qoya Retreat Templates - you’ll receive the entire curriculum for 9 weeklong Qoya retreats created by Rochelle, including the theme, class playlists and notes, group activities, rituals, and marketing materials all ready for you to prepare the retreat and lead it.

- 9 personal rituals to integrate the monthly curriculum and support your forever journey as a Qoya student

- Retreat tuition credit for attendance at a Qoya retreat (you pay the cost of room and board only at a Qoya retreat offered to the general public; teacher retreats not included)

- Bonus support calls with guest speakers

- Private Facebook group for online support

- Reading list with actionable, practical books to build your facilitation skill

- License to use the Qoya trademark to market and lead Qoya workshops and retreats

- Administrative and marketing support for your retreats from Qoya, including all retreat sales and communications, customer service, and promotion in our monthly newsletter and social media channels

- Generous profit share structure (For all Qoya retreats that are run through the Qoya website, you keep 90% of your retreat tuition.)

This intimate coaching experience, with the intention that you earn tuition back by doing the assignments, is:

Payment Plan: $8,888 (8 payments of $1,111)

Pay in Full: $7,777 (a $1,111 savings!)


Apply for your spot today.

Applications are open through September 30th. We will notify applicants no later than October 5th, and your first payment is due immediately upon your acceptance to the program. For payment plans, your following payments will be taken out automatically every 30 days.

Name *
Phone *
Do you believe you can fully commit to the time and resources this course asks? *
How many classes have you taught since your Qoya Intensive? *
If selected for the program, do you prefer to pay in full or on a payment plan? *

Cancellation Policy: Once you commit to this program, there are no cancellations. Please only apply if you are committed to leading retreats long-term, you have the financial resources to pay for the program, and the availability to commit fully to the program.


What does this training certify me to do? Lead Qoya Retreats! It's a license to use the Qoya trademark to brand and market your retreats and teach our Qoya retreat curriculum as taught to you in this program without alteration.

Do Qoya Retreats need to be administered through Yes. We've found this is the best way to support you in leading a successful retreat. We create your sales page on the Qoya website, collect payment, and then send payment to you when all monies have been collected.

I don't live in the U.S. Can I still take this program? Yes! It will be led via phone calls, webinars, and online, so you can participate from anywhere in the world! We will do our best to schedule calls that work in most time zones, but please be mindful that we are based in the Eastern Time Zone, and you will be expected to attend the majority of calls live. We are holding the intention to honor everyone in the program’s time zone. If there are enough participants in other time zones, we can explore having another group especially for you.

Am I required to teach the monthly workshops? Yes. This is an ESSENTIAL part of the training that allows the opportunity to experience leading people through the meaning, metaphor, and medicine that happens in Qoya. If you don't want to teach the workshops as a way to gather experience for retreats, this is not the program for you. We will offer 9 workshops and understand that life happens, so require you to lead only 6 of them, but encourage you to lead all of them.

Am I required to teach regular Qoya classes as well? Teaching weekly or monthly classes during this program isn't required unless you're a new Qoya teacher, but it is HIGHLY encouraged. Teaching Qoya classes long-term in your community is the foundation to a successful retreat business. If you don't feel called to teach a regular Qoya class, this program probably isn't a good fit for you.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to? Email us at, and we'll answer your questions!