Feeling Good

Qoya is a movement system that combines yoga, dance and sensual movement.

The sensual movement piece is about expanding your capacity to feel good in your body and explore if there is anything you can do that allows it to feel even better. It's an exploration into how your body wants to move.  

As you do this short video to open your hips, I invite you to explore focusing less on how it looks and more on how it feels.

When it feels good, that's how you know you're doing it right.


Start with your feet about four feet apart. Inhale as you bend your knees and stretch your hips down to the floor. Exhale as you press your feet into the floor and come back up. Do this a couple of times staying connected to your breath.

Next, keep the movement the same as you bend you inhale and bend your knees, but then come up leading with your hips going out to the right. Do this sequence four times, and imagine initiating every movement with your hips. 

After you've gone to the right four times, come up leading with your hips going out to the left four times and really slow down to stretch out each movement and to feel as much physical sensation and heat as you can. 

Staying with the same movement on each inhale as you bend your knees stretching your hips down, come up leading with your hips pushing forward. As your hips press forward, surrender and release any extra effort - just let it happen naturally. Do this four times. 

Finally, keep breathing as you bend your knees stretching your hips down, and then come up leading with your hips pushing to the back of the room like a peacock that confidently spreads its feathers. Do this four times.

Give your hips an opportunity to use their voice. After you’ve done the sequence, let your hips move you around the room any way that they want to move. Let them move in circles. Draw figure eights. Pretend someone asked "How are you?” and let your hips answer the question.


Let’s move together. Follow this video to liberate your hips and enjoy moving your body sensually.


How comfortable do you feel doing sensual movement? 

What did it feel like to lead your movement with your hips?

When you move your hips expressively, say the first three words that come to mind.