Just Move, Part Two

Consciousness is chemical. During exercise, endorphins are produced, creating a feeling of overall energy and wellness.

Often, we try to think ourselves out of our trials and tribulations and find ourselves on a hamster wheel of doubt and confusion. My most sincere advice is move first and then see how you feel.

The best way to keep the connection to your wisdom and intuition open as you traverse life’s quandaries is to move. As you begin today's exercise, imagine stocking your kitchen with spices that make your dishes more interesting. Let these exercises do the same for your daily life by researching different ways to approach movement and then use them to your preferred taste.


For today, we'll focus on "being in the present moment."
And the next moment.
And the next moment.

Embodiment is more than exercising regularly. It is shifting the way we look at exercise. We want our perspective to organically transform from exercise being arduous to being a way you can genuinely enjoy moving your body.

Most people's awareness and consciousness is located primarily in the mind. I invite you to explore feeling your energy and your awareness throughout your entire body.

As a practice of being in the present moment and being embodied, turn on any song and JUST MOVE.

Don’t worry about making this choreographed or doing your "go to” dance moves on repeat (it’s ok - we all have them.) Keep this simple, and practice your ability to just move, to feel the music move through your body, to enjoy yourself in the present moment, and to feel your body as a way that you can express yourself.

Look for the place where it feels good. As long as you are enjoying yourself, you’re doing it right.


For this exercise, you don’t need any guidance but the inner voice of your body. However, if you’d like to dance along with someone, I invite you to join me in this video!


Relationships, jobs, money, friends - everything in this life comes and goes, but you and your body are in this together, start to finish.

If you were getting financial advice about what to put the most attention on in your investment portfolio, it would only make sense to put it into the highest yield investment, right? In life, this investment is your health, your body, your joy. Have fun. Just move and trust that moving is enough.

Were you able to feel yourself come fully into the present moment? How does it feel when you are being fully present to you? 

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being difficult and 10 being easy), how difficult or easy is it for you to move freely without anyone telling you exactly what to do and why?

What are some of your favorite memories where you were dancing freely and fully?

Do you believe that it is possible to have those ecstatic moments of joy from dancing simply by turning on a song and dancing in your living room? I believe it is possible for you!