Evergreen, CO



I teach regularly in Evergreen, CO, just outside of Denver and offer periodic workshops in the Denver area. Check my Events Page on rememberyourwings.com for the most current schedule. I am also available to develop a personal movement practice or to provide Qoya for women's groups and gatherings. Contact me at jennifer@rememberyourwings.com for more information.

Teacher: Jennifer Reeve


Westminster, CO


Various Friday Mornings 10:30-12p
Various Wednesday Evenings 7:45-9p

Ceremony Healing, 7269 Lowell Blvd, Westminster, CO 80030 USA

Class schedule varies month to month, but are taught on a regular basis Friday mornings and Wednesday evenings. 2 hour Qoya workshops also occur once a month on the weekends. First three dates are Jan 24/Feb 17/ Mar 23

Register here: http://ceremonyhealing.com/

Teacher: Sydney Zwicker