You don’t have the time to spend a month at an ashram to reconnect with your essence.

You don’t have the frequent flyer miles to fly off to a tropical island.
Your life is so full, it’s hard to schedule one day just for yourself, but you really need a day for yourself.
And if you’re going to take that one day, it needs to be good.

One day of movement, intention setting, nourishing food, and time spent in community and ritual with like-minded women in a beautiful natural setting will ground you back into your body and hear the voice of your soul again.

Do you find yourself wishing, “If I just had ONE day for myself…”?

Do you know all the things you are “supposed” to be doing (meditating, exercising, heart opening, eating healthy, being in nature, etc.) but need to be reminded of the power of these practices through an immersive experience?

Do you feel lonely or isolated in the work you are doing, and desire to connect with a more conscious community? Or have you been initiated into the power of coming together and remembering that we are truly not alone, but all in this together?

Are you ready to go so deep within that when you wake up for a new day, you feel you can deeply can trust yourself again?

If so, the Qoya Urban Retreat is for you.

After just 12 hours at this retreat, you will:

  • feel aligned with your heart’s desires
  • gain energy around your life’s purpose
  • break out of that feeling of “going through the motions” in your life
  • make decisions based on internal validation, rather than external
  • initiate friendships with women who also believe in a soul-centered life
  • prioritize the things that truly nourish you

If you are on the verge of making a decision and need some clarity, there is no easier or more pleasurable way to make it than by feeling the physical sensation of truth in your body.

When you get off the hamster wheel of thinking, analyzing, and agonizing, and sink back into the feeling in your body, you feel clear on what you should do next.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do - not because it’s what you “should” do, but because it feels right in your body.

"My 1-Day Qoya Urban Retreat Experience was absolutely amazing for so many reasons - dancing, amazing women, delicious food, goddess cards, beautiful nature, ceremonial fire, rituals, gratitude, and butterflies (I saw 3 flying together!). I loved the emphasis on paying attention to how things feel rather than how they look! Overall, such an elevating and transformative experience that I can't even put into words!"


9-10am: Tea and Intention Setting
10-12pm: Qoya Class
12-1pm: Lunch and Lounging
1-3pm: Despacho Ceremony
3-3:30pm: Snack time
3:30-5pm: Angelic Breath Healing with Madeline Giles
5-6pm: Hike + Outdoors Time
6-7pm: Light Dinner
7-8pm: Ceremonial Fire
8-9pm: Tea and Closing Ceremony

If you are completing the Initiation step of Qoya Teacher Training, attending 2 one-day urban retreats will count as one weekend retreat in your requirements. Click here for more information on Teacher Training.


The retreat tuition is $175 per person. This retreat is for women only.

Your tuition includes:

  • 2-hour Qoya class
  • workshop content and rituals
  • 2 healthy, nourishing meals

It does not include:

  • transportation to or from the event
  • overnight lodging - this is a day retreat only

Cancellation Policy: Retreat tuition is nonrefundable; however, if you are unable to attend, you can send a friend or family member in your place.

Your soul is speaking. All you need is one day to hear it.