Sacred space is created whenever one woman shares something true with another.
— Meggan Watterson

Introducing Your Class

We introduce every Qoya class with 3 elements:
Introducing Qoya, Sharing Your Theme, and Picking a Card

In this online gathering, we'll focus on these sacred practices
and their invitation to authenticity as a teacher.

Join us as we gather in sacred circle to celebrate and explore
the foundation of every class you'll ever teach.

The energetic transmission we dance with in the Intensive is focusing on the importance of being Authentic AND being a responsible space holder. 

The first goal is to choose a theme that resonates with you and relevent to this present moment in your life. 

You also want to be able to sense when a theme still has a lot of emotional charge and may be better for your personal practice then for a class. Oftentimes when you dance the class with that theme for yourself, you experience a healing that readies you to be able to share it with your community.  

For this Teachers Retreat, we will be gather online on Zoom.  Everyone will get a partner and practice introducing Qoya, sharing a theme, and then co-creating a personalized movement ritual to deeply dance with that theme for your home practice. You may remember this exercise from your Intensive; it is very powerful! 

We will share an updated instructions list with you and a worksheet you can use to guide the interviewing process with your partner and anyone else you create a personal movement ritual with. 


We will also gather on Wednesday, June 13th at 5pm PST/6pm MST/ 7pm CST/8pm EST for an online transmission from Meggan Watterson who will have just released her first oracle deck. In Qoya teacher training, I always quote Meggan's saying that after studying all the different ways to call in sacred space, one of the most powerful ways is when two or more of us tell the truth about how we are feeling. We've all experienced the magic of the oracle and the way it weaves us to one another throughout time. Get inspired by her directly as she leads us through a special card pulling and soul voice meditation.  

Themes and oracles illuminate and anchor the seasons of your life.


use this one rochelle and meggan.jpg

Meggan and I met when I was about to head out on my first pilgrimage to go to some of the Mary Magdalene sites in the South of France in 2012. A dear friend connected us, and the red thread wove us closely together. Like the singers who can't not sing, the painters who can't not paint, and the dancers who can't not dance (us!), Meggan is one of the souls who can't not pray.  She's an author, meditation teacher, and Harvard-trained scholar of the divine feminine who inspires seekers to live from the authenticity of their soul. Her embodied devotion has been a source of inspiration for me for a long time, and I highly recommend you check out her books REVEAL: A Sacred Manual For Getting Spiritually NakedHow To Love Yourself (And Sometimes Other People): Spiritual Advice For Modern Relationships, and The Sutras of Unspeakable Joy. She leads workshops and retreats on the divine feminine & the soul-voice meditation.

I also encourage you to get Meggan's oracle deck for our session!

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Wednesday, June 13th at 5pm PST/6pm MST/ 7pm CST/8pm EST

Cancellation Policy: No refunds. If you're unable to attend the event, we will send you a recording afterwards!

Before you can hear, much less follow, the voice of your soul, you have to win back your body. You have to go on a pilgrimage beneath the skin.
— Meggan Watterson