Welcome to the Initiation training application!

PREREQUISITES: To be eligible to lead a Qoya Initiation training, you must have completed the following:

  • Attend the Qoya Intensive
  • Teach 50 Qoya classes
  • Assist at at least 1 Qoya Initiation training

How can you assist? By contacting a teacher who is leading an Initiation training directly to ask if you can attend as her assistant. Trainings can have multiple assistants at each teacher's discretion, and you will not pay for the training, just the cost of any travel, accommodations, meal, etc. that may be required for you to attend. Click here to see a list of upcoming Initiation trainings you might assist at.

What does assisting involve? You will help your teacher with any administrative needs she may have - setting up the room, making coffees, running errands, etc. She will also ask you to lead a portion of the training to watch your facilitation style and give you feedback to help you strengthen your training afterwards. 

TIME REQUIREMENTS: To ensure best enrollment for your retreat, we ask that you apply no later than 4 months prior to the training date. Ideal time to apply is 6-12 months before your training date.

Please expect 1 month from the time you apply to the retreat being approved and open for enrollment on the Qoya website.

We recommend typing your answers to this application in a word processor or email, then copying and pasting them into this application form, so you can save your work as you go.

Questions? Email us at info@qoya.love

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