So how does a "pay-what-you're-inspired" retreat work?

I love offering these retreats as an experiment to see if we can go even deeper into trusting ourselves and the physical sensation of truth in our body with abundance as well as a-bun-dance. 

Here's how it works:

1) Your base cost covers our material cost of supplies and space rental to host the retreat. It does not cover Rochelle's instruction or the time and energy cost of leading the retreat.

2) At the end of the retreat, take a moment in your heart to feel what this retreat was worth to you. Some of you asked for a sliding scale. The scale is truly whatever feels right in your heart, but if you're still wanting some guidance, this might be helpful:

$111 - With a prayer for oneness

$333 - With a prayer for the holy trinity of what is birthed when we all come together

$555 - With a prayer of gratitude and celebration for all the honoring of high 5’s in our lives

$888 - With a prayer that the truly transformational offerings we share continue into infinity

We are all in different places at different times - emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically. This is an invitation to come exactly as you are, and to feel the freedom to choose the value of the weekend based on the authenticity of your own experience.

We simply ask that you feel what is true for you today or once the retreat is complete. 

Thank you so much for your decision to dance with us.

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