Suz Mendoza

Gold Coast, Australia


If you’re reading this, “your heart and my heart are very very old friends”… We love to love, to dance, to giggle, to gift, to dream, to revel in twinkling skies full of possibility, to connect to the pulse and heartbeat of the earth. I’m so happy and thankful we’ve come together even if just for this conversation right now.

Some descriptors that include my love for creating so far include being a heart intelligence coach, energy psychology practitioner, movement guide, dancing lov-ahh, director/ceo, student, writer, self-care apostle, space facilitator and most importantly a joy seeker and liberator!

I’ve been blessed to immerse, train, share and cultivate my practices throughout the US, Asia, Australia and am incredibly grateful for my dear friends, mentors and inspiration across the globe. May we all continue to expand and grow always, in all ways.

“Why not become fresh from the gentleness of the heart-spring?
Why not laugh like a rose?
Why not spread perfume?” ~ Rumi

When did you take your first Qoya class? Kauai, Hawaii

What does it mean for  you to teach Qoya? Eternal reverence for this sacred, incredibly supported space and invitation. It’s an honour to share, grow and expand with you who illuminate for us all how good it feels to dance in trust in truth. 

My heart is overflowing; bursting with starlight thank yous for Qoya's community of women sprinkled all over the planet. Those who are embodying the feminine, creating space in this new paradigm, cheering us all to rise, guided by Love. Thank you thank you thank you Rochelle xo

What is your favorite song to dance to right now? Get Up Offa That Thing with James Brown, There Will Be Time with Mumford & Sons, Landslide with Robyn Sherwell, Hour Golden with Fink

What book has inspired you on the path to embodying the feminine? The Radiance Sutras and all Rumi & Hafiz

What would you tell someone who is thinking of taking Qoya class for the first time? Trust yourself. Listen to the whispers of your heart. Follow the call. Give yourself permission to play! Let go. Be yourself. Feel acknowledged, supported, appreciated and loved exactly how you are where you are. Your life will bloom in crystalline clarity, presence, happiness and sacred juiciness with our Qoya family.