Indigo Handloom Tahoe Scarf


Indigo Handloom Tahoe Scarf

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Indigo Handloom founder Smita Paul’s mission is to preserve the handloom craft tradition in India while creating low-impact jobs and reducing the environmental damages of the fashion industry. Smita was born in India and frequently returned there for her work as a freelance journalist. There she was assigned a story about the silk industry, which led her to a handloom village where she discovered an art that was dying due to a lack of government subsidies. Villagers were now without a way of making a living or expressing their craft. Depression, suicide, poverty and other challenges were overtaking the community. Hearing the call, Smita set out on a mission to create a fashion company that could employ these artisans. By making handloom or hand woven fabrics, the average weaver can make a living for herself and support a family of 8, all while maintaining an average carbon footprint of 1.19 tons per year (the American average is 48). This is what is considered a 'low-impact' job.

Modern jacquard fabrics are made on a mechanized loom that is controlled by computer, but this scarf is made in the traditional jacquard style with a perforated punch card that the yarns are woven through using the guidance of the cards. We love that this art form is still in practice and being celebrated by Indigo Handloom.

100% Wool
Dimensions: 71”x28”. Made in India
Dry Clean Only

Just like the farm to table movement with food, Smita allows us an opportunity to know where our clothes come from to feel a deeper connection to the things we have in our lives.