Please submit your proposed retreat budget here, so we can review it as part of the retreat approval process.

Fixed Expenses that you should include in your budget:

$500 Administrative Fee - covers creation of your sales page, administrative support, and marketing

3% Credit Card Processing Fee - we recommend including this in your cost

Your Mailing Address
Your Mailing Address
Studio for movement sessions
This includes housing for students and yourself, plus any guest facilitators.
Please list the total cost of food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus snacks/tea) per person per day.
This should be the current price of your airfare for Economy travel. First/business class will not be covered. If your retreat is approved, you must book your ticket within 7 days of approval. Alterations in price over $100 from what's quoted will be subject to approval and may not be covered by Qoya.
Price for standard vehicle or van rental.
You may deduct the cost of food for your travel up to $75/travel day.
This includes their speakers fee only. Please include the cost of their housing and food in those categories.
Included, but not limited to: card decks, crystals, flowers, pens, and paper. Please list each item and the cost. Coverage of supplies outside the normal materials will be covered at Qoya's discretion.
Includes all extras that are included in the cost of tuition. We recommend making your retreat all-inclusive.