Radzy Chugh

New Delhi, India



I offer online one-on-one classes that include a 45 minute video call to co-create a theme for our class together and 1.5 hour Qoya class at a mutually decided time and day.

Radzy believes in Joy. Her passion is to be in service of Qoya and the Divine Feminine to support women and men to remember their essence as wise, wild, free, love and joy. Radzy completed her Masters in Economics from New York University in 2013 and instead of following the conventional path; chose to answer the deepest calling of her heart. As an Intuitive healer Radzy has worked with many men and women across the globe in the last 5 years.

Radzy is driven by the inherent essence of Joy that is within her. Her dream is to re-kindle that joy within as many people as she can through Qoya. As an Intuitive healer and reader, Crystal healer and Qoya teacher Radzy's passion is to create a space where each individual is celebrated and honored for their divine light. 

When did you take your first Qoya class? I took my first complete Qoya class at the Collective Retreat in Costa Rica in 2016. I was introduced to Qoya by Sara Ballard over Periscope (A Live Video Broadcasting App) and I fell in love with how Sara embodied her divine feminine through movement. I wrote to Sara shortly afterwards and soon she created a custom playlist for me and sent me videos of certain movements we do in Qoya. I could never turn back. I danced with the guidance of those videos every day for 6 months before I came to the Training and Collective.

What does it mean for you to teach Qoya? Qoya for me is LIBERATION. It is a remembering of WHO WE ARE before the world told us WHO WE SHOULD BE (Danielle LaPorte). Qoya is my "Get Out of Jail Free Card," whether it is body jail, feeling imprisoned in your mind or just choked by the inability to express yourself. For me, teaching Qoya is bringing the opportunity to every person I connect with to feel their essence as Wise, Wild, Free and Joyful. I believe that as we make our way through this dynamic planet we live on, it is imperative to stay connected to our essence. Qoya is an opportunity for everyone to journey within. Qoya is effortless fun. Qoya is infinite joy. And more than that, Qoya is Movement as Medicine. As a teacher, what I am most thrilled by in Qoya is how it appeals to every person differently. When I offer Qoya in-person or online, it is so magical to witness each woman embrace Qoya in her deepest capacity. For some, Qoya is fun energy; for others, a deep healing. Qoya can touch you and change you forever in a way that best supports your journey. The best thing I can equate dancing in Qoya is to applying any pure essential oil on your skin; just as the fragrance of the oil takes a magical turn as it mixes with your body chemistry, Qoya creates unique waves within you as it merges with you soul's mystery. I feel most joyful, connected and happy when I teach Qoya. It feels like the many thousand ancestors that stand behind me rejoice with me as I move to the rhythm of my body. They cheer me on. They cry happy tears. I feel their love. Qoya is not just moving our bodies. Qoya is not just connecting to our essence. For me, Qoya is honoring oneself, honoring each other, and through the acknowledgement and celebration, honoring ALL of LIFE.

What is your favorite song to dance to right now? I was Here by Beyonce, Malhar Jam by Harish Sivaramakrishnan, Uddi Ja by Mohsin Abbas Haider

What book has inspired you on the path to embodying the feminine? Qoya: A Compass for Navigating an Embodied Life that is Wise, Wild and Free by Rochelle Schieck, Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche, Autobiography of an Orgasm by Betsy Blankenbaker

What would you tell someone who is thinking of taking a Qoya class for the first time? Stop Thinking and Start Feeling. And if this FEELS good to you then jump in. Remember there is NO way you can do it wrong. Trust your body and your inner voice to always lead the way. Gift yourself QOYA today.