New Certification for Qoya Teachers


Imagine a world where a teenage girl is honored and initiated into reverence for herself, her body, other people, nature, spirit, and life itself. Imagine she’s encouraged to lean into a worldview where it is safe to trust herself, be herself, and express herself truthfully and authentically. Imagine she’s given freedom to explore what feels right to her, without having to worry about doing it wrong, focusing less on how it looks and more on how it feels. Imagine her body is introduced as a sacred ally to go on the journey of life with and a life in which her body is home.

This program for Qoya Teens is a part of our larger collective vision of a world that honors the feminine and reweaves the thread that was traditionally shared generation to generation.


What if there were a generation of young girls and women who never lost themselves? Who never had to make this epic journey of reclamation (that so many of us have) back home to their embodied soul…because they never left?

As Qoya teachers, and as initiated women, we are gathering to remember how to mentor our teens together.

How will we take what we have learned in our lives and offer it to those who come after us?

The teen years are a roller-coaster of initiations, hormones, and emotions. Did you know that the rapidly evolving teen brain is exploring and pruning new neural pathways from moment to moment in a way that connects teens to the feeling of passion and purpose that is unseen in any other time of our human lives? The teen years are a rush of awakening, an intense dance with letting go, a potentially ecstatic discovery of Self, a reckoning with belonging, and a fire of rebirth (and so much more). And we’re HERE for it -- ALL OF IT! We’re here to celebrate it, revere it, and create sacred, attuned, adult-facilitated space for the epic dance of transformation that is being a teen girl.


“I gained so much more confidence in myself after working with Eliza. I went into it thinking that I was going to learn things I can change to be a better more happy and centered person, but right when I got there Eliza wanted to get to know me for me, and not a fake version, the real me. I’ve never felt more loved and accepted then when I’m working with her. If you’re thinking about it… go for it! I know how scary new people and environments can be, but working with Eliza has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. She manages to take a group of girls who know little to nothing about each other and create a welcoming circle of friendship, love, and acceptance.”

-- Hanna, 15


Qoya Teen was created side-by-side with teenage girls, and will continue to evolve with them (and with our circle of teachers).

Rather than the top-down approach that is common with many ‘for teens’ programs, we’ve created a program with teens that is a response to the vibrancy and hunger for realness and embodiment that is already there in teen girls. Rather than teaching them a new way to be, we’re inviting them into Teen Qoya classes to safely and bravely explore the truth of who they already are.

As adults, we’re often told (and then ourselves retell) the story that teen girls are shut down, peer-oriented, tech-obsessed, image-obsessed, and don’t want adults to ‘interfere.’ In fact, that story often easily matches with our lived experience of relating to the teens we know. However, the research and the reality is much different.

Teen girls crave attunement. They are seeking real, safe, supportive relationships with mentors, aunties, big sisters, grandmothers, and wise ones. They long to be told the stories of belonging, shown the ways to remember, and invited into the pathways to feeling ALL OF IT: the shadow and the light, every day (because they already are -- in the genius of their teen brains, bodies and hearts -- and they’re yearning for permission to be all of themselves). They know when we’re not being real. They’re awake to the fact that in much of their teen lives you ‘have to’ put on a mask to feel safe or to fit in. They are ready for something different: something real.

In Teen Qoya, we’re offering them a space to belong -- to themselves, each other, and the Earth. When we adults learn how to meet teens with skill, heart and attunement (rather than projecting our own experiences onto them), teen girls respond. Please note that while the Qoya Teen class was developed specifically for teens, it is also appropriate to teach to preteens -- and further training on the distinction between working with the two age groups will be included.

If you feel the call to co-create this intergenerational community supporting teen girls, we’d love to invite you to join us for the Online Qoya Teen Teacher Training this November 16th & 17th.

“I’m so grateful to have worked with Eliza and to be part of our girls circle. I now have strategies to use when I feel out of center or stressed-out. I feel safer, and my life is just better because of this incredibly accepting, loving, supportive mentor and friend in my life. Eliza brings light and joy into our lives and reminds us that while being a girl can be difficult, everything will be okay (it won't always be easy, but happiness can prevail!). When I've had a tough couple of days and get to circle up with Eliza and the girls… it’s like medicine for my heavy heart. By committing to time with Eliza, you're committing to taking care of yourself… which is the most important thing you can do with your life!”

-- Lili, 16

In this training, you will:

+ Learn how to understand the developmental needs of teens and respond to them with attunement

+ Choose a more empowering narrative about the teenage years. We will focus on the unique opportunities of this time as teenagers live into their experiences and how we can support them.

+ Deepen your understanding of the Qoya pillars, and from that foundation, practice leading the unique modifications that create a Qoya Teen class

+ Dance with your own inner teen girl, and explore how to be present with whatever emerges, so that you can lead your Qoya Teen classes from a place of initiated wholeness (without projecting your personal experiences onto your participants)

+ Step outside of the old ‘peer vs. disciplinarian’ hierarchical power dynamic and step into right relationship as an adult guiding teens in a collaborative way

+ Connect with and honor your lineage in a new way, as you prepare to pass on feminine wisdom to the next generation

+ Hone your ability to choose music for your Qoya Teen classes with unique emphasis on music that resonates with teens, yet feels aligned with Qoya values

+ Learn how to market your classes to the teens and parents/guardians/adults who care for teens who are an aligned fit

+ Get clear on how to legally work with minors, and therefore feel safe, protected, and excited as you lead classes

+ Clarify the difference developmentally between working with preteens and teens, and become prepared to lead Qoya classes for either age group



The training will be co-led by Qoya founder Rochelle Schieck and Qoya teacher Eliza Reynolds.



Rochelle Schieck is the founder of Qoya, a movement system based on the idea that through movement, we remember our essence is wise, wild and free. Drawing on the wisdom of yoga, the wildness of dance, and the freedom of feminine movement, Qoya helps people feel the feelings inside their bodies through movement, providing a quick, accessible way to access inner wisdom that can be done by people of any age and movement ability.

She graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Degree at the University of Arizona where she studied the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of movement that laid a blueprint for what she would continue to study and create. In 20+ years of continued practice and study, she is also a certified massage therapist, yoga teacher, personal trainer, Shamanic Energy Healer, and herbalist. She synthesized these trainings when she created Qoya, and since Qoya began in 2009, she’s personally trained hundreds of Qoya teachers in 20 different countries, led over 60 retreats on 6 different continents, and received close to a million views on all of her free videos online.

Her book, Qoya: A Compass for Navigating an Embodied Life that is Wise, Wild and Free, has sold nearly 4,000 copies all over the world. Her work has been featured in outlets like Forbes Magazine, Self Magazine, Oprah.com, The Telegraph, New York Magazine, and Psychology Today.



Eliza is a best-selling author, speaker, workshop facilitator, and professional mentor for preteen & teen girls. Since the age of 15 she’s been teaching at workshop centers and conferences (like the Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, Kripalu Center, and the Emerging Women Conference), facilitating transformational and nourishing experiences for thousands of womxn and girls. She’s also the co-author of the best-selling book with her mom, “Mothering & Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years” (she wrote the sassy side for teen girls).

Eliza’s writing, speaking and teaching calls B.S. on the cultural stereotype that teen girls are selfish, mean, vapid, and image-obsessed. Instead, she gives voice to, celebrates, and creates spaces for teen girls’ sensitivity, wacky weird passions, feisty comebacks, fierce truths, tender hearts, sensual embodiment, and full-out, real-talk, whole, imperfect, ever-evolving self expression.

Eliza was trained as a Peer Educator for Planned Parenthood in High School, and was a consultant for Eve Ensler, (“Vagina Monologues,”) on her book for teenage girls: “I Am an Emotional Creature”. Other trainings & life adventures have taken her from solo hiking the West Highland Way in Scotland to joining Women Without Borders’ research team in Palestine, from learning Jungian dream interpretation at the feet of renowned scholar of the Feminine, Marion Woodman, to 1:1 mentorship with Brigit Viksnins in trauma, somatics and embodiment. Eliza is a certified a Qoya movement teacher.

Eliza’s newest offering is Badass Girls, where she and her team offer 1:1 mentorship & experiences of belonging for big-hearted preteen & teen girls who are ready to get real and be more of their whole, vulnerable, alive selves everyday. Eliza also trains facilitators in her unique and incredibly effective approach to professional mentoring.

“My entire teen life has changed drastically after my work with Eliza. I’m more compassionate and more mature. I feel like I’m now finally able to be myself; working with Eliza was like getting a fresh start to be the real, genuine me. If you are considering coming to a program... embrace the nervous butterflies and enter this scary, wonderful, beautiful movement that she has created! You deserve the feeling of being surrounded by a new community of loving girls and women that have your back no matter what!”

-- Lily 17

“Beth’s time away with Eliza and her team created a shift in her that 4 years in therapy haven’t been able to accomplish. Where she was anxious and self-conscious, she’s now playful, rooted and confident. We are beyond grateful.”

-- Rebecca, mom of Beth, 13

“Every time my daughter circles up with Eliza, she comes home with higher self esteem.”

-- Rachel, mom of Hanna, 15



You must attend both full days of training live to be certified as a Qoya Teen Teacher.

Saturday, November 16th 10am - 6pm EST

Sunday, November 17th 10am - 6pm EST

Please consider this sacred time like you are showing up at a workshop where all of us are gathered at the same physical location. We will have breaks for body nourishment and body needs.

We will also offer 3 post-training support calls that you are encouraged to join live (you must attend at least 1 live to be certified). You can also listen to the call recordings. These are scheduled as follows:

January: Tuesday, January 14th at 8pm EST

March: Saturday, March 14th at 12pm EST

May: Tuesday, May 19th at 8pm EST


In this Training, you will have access to:

  • 14 Hours of live online teaching with Rochelle & Eliza

  • Private Facebook Community of Qoya Teen Teachers

  • Qoya Teen Teacher workbook

  • Bonus training on working with LGBTQ+ youth

  • 3 sample Qoya Teen classes you can lead

  • 3 post-training group calls with Rochelle & Eliza

Technology Requirements:

  • a strong high-speed internet connection

  • a computer/laptop with video capability (The course cannot be done on a phone or other mobile device.)

  • a free Zoom account on Zoom.us

  • a Spotify account

  • a phone or mobile device to play Spotify on, separate from your computer

Who this training is for:

  • You are a Qoya Teacher who has completed either the Intensive phase of training, or the Initiation phase of training (and you plan to continue to the Intensive).

  • You feel the call in your body to work with teen girls -- or -- you want to explore an inner healing journey that may or may not result in teaching.

  • You feel confident and committed to showing up in the center of your center, embracing your individual triggers as opportunities to self-reflect and still stay in service to being a mature mentor who can create a healing container genuinely in support of teens.

To be certified as a Qoya Teen Teacher, you must:

  • Be present for all 14 hours of the online Qoya Teen Teacher training

  • Teach 3 Qoya Teen classes after the online training

  • Attend or listen to all 3 of the group mentorship calls with Rochelle and Eliza (at least 1 call you must attend live; all calls will be recorded)

  • Complete the Qoya Teen Integration Reflection Form


Dancing Your Teen Timeline

A Facebook Live Experience with Qoya Teen Training Teachers Rochelle & Eliza

Join us in a gathering of Qoya Teachers online to dance your relationship to embodiment as a teen, and:

  • Experience a guided journey to meet with your inner teen girl

  • Explore the call within yourself to create for the next generation

  • Learn about the new Qoya Teen Teacher Training Curriculum -- and how and why it is different from a traditional Qoya Class

  • Ask Rochelle & Eliza your questions about the Teacher Training live

Tuesday, October 29th at 8:00pm EST in the Qoya Certified Teachers Facebook Group


Cost: $600

Payment plans are available at checkout.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel for any reason before the training, we will refund the amount paid minus a 3% administration fee. There are no refunds or cancellations after the training has begun.


Trust Yourself

Be Yourself

Express Yourself

If you feel called to bring Qoya to Teens, come reweave the intergenerational thread with us.