The default for most of us when something happens, or doesn't happen, is to stage a demonstration of our capabilities at mental gymnastics as we twist, turn and flip from one thought to another. While analysis can be helpful, it can also be paralyzing (I recommend having a good therapist to differentiate the two!)

In addition to the guidance we can receive from others, Qoya offers another way to experience trusting yourself. Through movement, you remember. Through the body, you gain access to information that may arise in a non-linear way, but resonates with a truth you can feel in your bones. Once there is direction and clarity from within, your mind can use its superpowers of organization to serve you and bring your truth from an idea to an experience.

This is also the medicine of this upcoming full moon in Gemini. Personally, I am a triple Gemini. Gemini Sun. Gemini Moon. Gemini Venus. Gemini rules the mind, so I am very well versed in the aforementioned mental gymnastics. I believe this is what allows me to honor and respect the mind while guiding others on the journey deeper and deeper into the body. 

Below is a gift of a free full moon movement ritual to get you into your body. See what happens when you honor the mind that is trying so hard to figure it out while you also honor the body's voice with the possibility that you may be able to feel it out.

Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares that Full Moon in Gemini November 25, 2015 (5:44pm EST) illuminates serious considerations. Have you been questioning yourself? Second-guessing your choices or life-path? Congratulations! Assessing yourself is healthy and encouraged at this time. We need to be able to discriminate between fantasy and reality in order to know what steps to take. Which visions are worth materializing? You’ve now got insight on how your dreams and ideas can become manifest. You can also see what obstacles stand in your way. Don’t let them discourage you, but be realistic. The reality of life on Earth is sobering. Have the courage to face that fact, and still honor your intuition. Your body never lies. Trust your inner knowing beyond reason. Can you remain connected to your ideals and dreams of a better world? Choose which mountains are yours to climb. Reclaim authority from patterns of victimhood, escapism, and addiction. Take control of your own mind. Let go of limiting beliefs and thought patterns. Measure probability and possibility; strike a healthy balance between the two. Remember: no one’s got life figured out. We’re all here to learn and grow. Make the choice that helps you learn and grow. Today, use Qoya to explore the shadow of confusion. Dance how it feels when life is hard. When you are lost and unsure of your way. Shake it off! Shake away limiting beliefs and old stories. Free dance your dreams of a better world. Find out what it feels like to dance your visions into reality.

Blessings today as you feel it out!

With love,

P.S.  We are so excited about our 2016 retreats (including a second week in Hawaii!):

Jan 9-16, 2016 Costa Rica Retreat

February 28-March 5, 2016 Hawaii Retreat

April 9-16, 2016 Qoya Collective Retreat

April 16-23, 2016 Qoya Co-Ed Retreat

May 7-14, 2016 Qoya Guatemala Retreat