Dear Dancer on the Path, 

As I sit down to write this, I'm in one of those humble places. My son got his first cold, and as much spiritual practice as I do with themes of trust, surrender, and faith, some moments are so tender that doubt sneaks in. Gratefully, the powers of play, hope, and joy came quickly to the rescue again. As he coughed, I made up songs about strengthening the immune system, singing that when this cold is complete, he'll be "stronger than before" with jazz hands and big smiles. He smiled back. Babies are great teachers about how fast we can bounce back to balance, to the present moment, and to a peaceful presence. The attachments we carry by associating mental meaning to everything can sometimes make this harder. Looking for sweetness to balance the bitter, I praised my son for getting his first cold in a circle of 150 healers gathered around the Indigenous Grandmothers Gathering at Menla in upstate New York. As a new mother, it was incredible to go from event to event and be surrounded by the knowing wise gaze of those whose lived experience in taking care of little ones is beyond my own. I probably received 30+ potential remedies (put garlic in his socks, steam the shower to help congestion, put an onion by the side of the bed, mix one drop of eucalyptus oil with coconut oil and rub on his chest, homeopathic remedies, keep him elevated, etc.) I did them all. 

I also got a cold. While not feeling well is often inconvenient, there are a few things I'm grateful to have learned along the way, ideas that invited me to look past the pain and discomfort of one moment and see it through a wider perspective.

One is this idea from a naturopath who said that colds are great practice for the immune system to build its capacity to respond when something more serious arises.

Another idea is that while there have been many medical miracles and evolutions in science, it's impossible to live a human life and not interface with pain and death. In this way, the practice is to nourish whatever is present with less fear and more love.

As I read Virginia‘s astrology insights for this New Moon in Libra, I thought about our individual and collective emotional pain and challenges. We can either focus on the seemingly bad timing or embrace the invitation to strengthen our emotional immune systems. We can continue our practices to stay steady in the center of ourselves as we strengthen our capacity to heal in every direction.

Qoya is a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For me and many, it has been a refuge and oasis of healing and positive transformation. There are so many times I've begun a class struggling and left it not only feeling better but with a completely different viewpoint that I’m confident I wouldn't have been able to access through my own mental gymnastics. Somehow the wisdom of the body continually offers a non-linear path of healing based on intuition and instincts, and it always points towards the North Star of balance.

For those who are feeling the natural pull of the body requesting balance, you may find yourself dancing in the spirit of this New Moon in Libra.

Our resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The New Moon in Libra on September 28, 2019 (2:26pm EST) is a rebalancing. A moment to catch our breath and acknowledge the turning of the wheel. To sit within the spinning top and marvel at the beauty the ripples its turnings make. It seems the wheel has turned so much or so fast this year. That its turnings have been more incredible, more significant, more important than perhaps we remember. Some turnings weigh on us more than others. This has been a year of reshaping. Perhaps we feel carved down, whittled out, or re-sculpted. Our contours and curves softened and firmed according to the elements. Ourselves mirrors for matter, reflecting the influences we’ve come into contact with, and how they have molded us. Let’s allow ourselves to adjust into the new shapes, born of this relationship between gravity, time, and space. These relationships make Art out of us. We are settling into this new kind of equal. What are we being re-made into? What is beautiful about you? What is beautiful about all these changes? Let’s meet ourselves here, befriending ourselves, and offer up some love in our direction. Let’s admire the beauty. Looking in the mirror, we can see that goldenrod is still in flower, glinting even golder in slanting afternoon light. Pears hang heavy on a backyard tree. Persimmons drop into a bucket. Grape hulls are made into a pie with chestnut crust. Right now, the world is sharing itself with you. Take the chance of connecting with life, and share yourself back. Admiring the beauty is a way to connect. This is how we wage peace. This is how we call a truce with whatever battles we’ve been waging. We link up and share resonant harmonies, reveling in the pleasure of meeting what is in complete admiration.

So many times our lifestyle pulls us out of this experience of balance, yet the body makes its consistent request to return.

As a way to integrate the energies of this New Moon in Libra, I always recommend Qoya because that is what works so consistently for my body to find balance (click here to choose the Qoya movement ritual that calls to you the most today). I also offer ideas of Qoya that can be infused into the daily movements you’re already making. For example, set an intention before your morning shower and let the water clear away anything that stands between you and your intention. Turn on a song that you love while you get dressed for the day and dance into your clothes. Put your songs on shuffle and choose one that speaks to your soul at this time, or go on a walk where you step in rhythm with the beat of music. Slow dance with yourself, your child, your partner, or a new friend. Let the movement of your body be part of your life not only in the special and rare times of making it to a “class” but in the way that you live your life.

With love and prayer,



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