Dear Dreamers,

It takes courage to dream. Perhaps a dream, wish, hope, prayer, desire, is calling you right now, just underneath your awareness. Waiting for you to notice.

It takes deep listening to allow it to come fully forward, and before you hear it with clarity, a fearful fog can cloud your vision. Whether it is the need to release layers of unconscious conditioning, past disappointments or the worry of one's expectations not being met, it is normal to seek guidance on how best to navigate our path. Qoya is always an invitation and encouragement to go within, feel the physical sensation of truth in your body, and explore how to live in integrity with yourself, others, nature, and spirit.

Qoya retreats are designed to support us as we integrate making soul based decisions with our modern lifestyles. This is often a decision that seems improbable and non-linear on the outside, yet feels right in the body and is affirmed by synchronicities. 

As we practice Qoya classes, we explore the philosophy of Qoya that is based on the simple idea that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. We reclaim our capacity to access our inner wisdom, express ourselves authentically and creatively, and practice the art of enjoying ourselves in the midst of life's blessings and challenges. We do our inner work to ground our outer work. We support one another in community, while also receiving support.

We remember we are dreamers. 

We dream to honor our lineage and awaken from this dream drought, the paralysis of feeling unable to activate the code creative spark between self and spirit.

We dream for the joy of dreaming, to stretch our imaginations into a place of possibility versus probability until we realign with a reality in which the possible is probable. Our doubt is replaced with action.

We dream to honor our inner journey and our collective awakening. With oracular activism, we hold the vision in the space of our psyches for the highest good for all beings. We offer our minds, bodies, and spirits as vessels to receive instruction on the best ways to move forward preserving and protecting the natural world both for ourselves and those who will come after us.

If any of this talk about dreaming resonates with you, you may find yourself in harmony with the movement of the planets and stars above in the sky.

Our resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 14, 2019 (12:30am EST) is for dreaming bigger dreams. This moon is acutely sensitive, saturated in far-reaching feelings. Picking up signals from many directions. Waves and tides of great loss, great inspiration. We are stretched. Wide open. We are outgrowing the life we have been living. Brimming over the edges of a too-small container. We can crush false barriers with the rising tides of compassion. Our soul’s contents are spilling out of the cask, breaking the dam, rendering these boundaries useless. Pour out your disappointments. Let the tears fall and the feelings flow. Our floods are watering and fertilizing the visions yet to unfold. This Moon is for vast soul yearnings. We’ve had dreaming and waking backwards… The real dream is not what we see in sleep. The real dream is the one we wake up to. The one we anchor in through everyday efforts, minute habits, and practical prayer. The true dream is the reality of limitlessness. Once we arouse to this, we can’t go back to sleep again. Keep the faith. Something greater than us is making an offering, channeling wise and divine plans into our veins. We are the vessel. Dreams come to us when we are ready to receive them. Prepare the body and the fields to grow more love. How do we prepare? Expand the capacity to feel. Notice the habitual distractions. Patterns of avoidance, addiction, and escape. Feeling selectively is not an option. We can only choose to be anesthetized, or be welcoming and accepting to every feeling. Be cleansed by sensations, and let them guide the way. There is magic somewhere in this moment. Find it, and use it to conjure more magic. The genie moves beyond the bottle. Which wishes will you grant?

To embody the energy of this full moon, I invite you to dream bigger dreams by dancing with our video Commit To Your Future. As you do this video, may the movement help your dream come into focus for you to claim. Dance towards it by dancing with it!

If you would like to commit to prioritizing your dreams and having an immersive Qoya experience, we're so excited to open up registration for our annual Qoya Collective Retreat in Costa Rica March 28th - April 4th, 2020 with the theme of COURAGEOUS DREAMING! 

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It's easier to stay true to ourselves when we make time to know ourselves. Even though it takes time and deep listening personal practices to feel the authenticity of our truest dreams, what it gives us is our purpose.

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Advance congratulations on dancing with your dreams in the ways that feel right to you!

With much love, gratitude, and excitement, 


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To continue diving into the energy of this moon, you may also be inspired to check out the Embodied Astrology: Pisces course which includes an introductory video to give you an overview of Pisces's aspects, a Qoya Movement Ritual so you can embody your own personal relationship to Pisces, an integration video with an exercise to apply in your life, worksheets with journal prompts, and a blessing for deep reflection.

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Miami Retreat with Betsy Blankenbaker Murphy: October 4 - 6, 2019

India Retreat with Rochelle Schieck: October 13 - 22, 2019 - SOLD OUT

Bali Retreat with Betsy Blankenbaker Murphy: October 20 - 27, 2019

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Hawaii Retreat with Rochelle Schieck: January 5 - 12, 2020 *This week sold out right away, so we've added a second week!

Hawaii Retreat with Rochelle Schieck: January 5 - 12, 2020

Collective Retreat in Costa Rica: March 28 - April 4th, 2020


Miami Retreat with Betsy Blankenbaker Murphy: October 3 - 6, 2019

Studland, England with Sonja Lockyer: November 2 - 3, 2019

Online Initiation with Lyndsey Azlynne: November 2 - 10, 2019

New Zealand Initiation with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian: November 23 - 24, 2019

Paris, France with Claire Garin: February 15 - 16, 2020


Woodstock, New York with Rochelle Schieck: November 18 - 24, 2019

Blue Spirit, Costa Rica with Rochelle Schieck: April 4 - 11, 2020 (save up to $800 when you register for the Collective Retreat as well!)

New Zealand with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian: October 21 - 28, 2020