Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

Sometimes being human can be a very humble path. Follow me on this one for a second. Imagine something comes up and you have an emotional charge where you feel angry, upset or disappointed. Do you and I have the life experience to step out of the present for a moment to see it with a wider view? Beyond the immediacy of this one moment, are we willing to look at the source of the wound inside ourselves that is being reactivated? Can we stretch our perception beyond what is happening just to us and consider how this also affects others by tracking how this energy shows up in the collective experience? And on our more courageous days, are we open to imagining a way that this challenge could actually be a blessing? 

In other words, are we open to trusting our life journey that things are not happening to us, but for us? What does it feel like when we try on the worldview that we live in a time of paradox, when everything can be seen as both a blessing and a challenge? The next question on the path of reframing and reclaiming becomes: how do we savor the blessings as we experience them and how do we embrace the challenges as catalysts of personal growth? 

The important part of the reframe and reclaim process is to realize that it is your choice. This way of thinking can be a tricky dance of perspective because we want to honor the times in life that are so painful, a cheerful reframe and reclaim is not the answer. It's a daily dance to untie the places where we're bound in our inner life by things we can't control with tools that can ease our pain by shifting our perspective to emerge resilient. 

Some days reframe and reclaim might feel like spiritual bypassing and an inability to feel the deeper denser feelings of our human experience. Other days, we can truly identify with the experience as medicine, releasing the pain and keeping the teaching. Life is dynamic, and there's not a one-size-fits-all approach for every person or every moment. However, when we are able to hold the paradox of this time and of our life experiences, our compassion for ourselves and others deepens. We are able to reframe our challenges, reclaim our essence as capable and resilient, and activate our power as alchemists. 

For those who would like to practice the mental gymnastics of reframe and reclaim, it seems as if this New Moon in Gemini may just be a great time to do so.

Our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The New Moon in Gemini on June 3, 2019 (6:02am EST) is a Moon of Many Messages. The winds of change are blowing. What messages are riding in on the wind? Let them circle and dance around you. What words need to be spoken or written? Words are spells. Say something, and cast your magic. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the season of pollination, when energy and information is transferred from one being to another. This exchange is necessary for learning and growth. A moon of lessons and learning. It brings the tricky medicine of contradiction. Tension between opposites. Open yourself to the tension. Communication cultivates relationship. We are changed by what we hear, and by what we speak. We don’t need to guard ourselves from ideas, even if they differ from the ones we ourselves hold. When we listen to contrast, we increase our capacity to hold complexity. This allows us to find bridges between opposites and build connection. Beyond black-and-white, many things are true at once. Inside of this gradient, we can perceive life in its multidimensions and evolve. A breath of fresh air! In the space beyond false dichotomies of right/wrong, good/bad, the breeze lifts us up into Insight and Understanding. From these heights, consider possible choices and intersections. Dance in the rainbow realm of options. Look at the two clear sides and discover a blended third. Later this month, we’ll be tasked to commit.

Let's embody this.

Step 1: Choose a current grievance of yours, and write down why it's challenge. 

Step 2: Hit shuffle on a playlist or choose a song you love for guidance on how to reframe using whatever comes from the inner wisdom of your body as you move to the music. 

Step 3: Write down the reframe by honoring the blessing that emerged as you danced.

Step 4: Hit shuffle on a playlist or choose a song you love to dance to and embody what it feels like to reclaim your essence.

Extra Step: Do this with someone else and share. Verbalizing your realizations can be powerful. One thing I do in this busy world is record voice memos. If you can't easily organize to get someone on the phone, you could make a voice memo, send it to them, and share this email inviting them to do the same and share with you what happened for them when they reframed and reclaimed.

If you'd like some song suggestions, here are two playlists I made just for you to dance to:

Qoya Reframe

Qoya Reclaim

With love in every direction,


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