Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

How often do you hear something encouraging you to trust yourself? How many Instagram posts have you seen that inspire you to follow your heart? How many experiences widen your capacity to dream a bigger dream for yourself and the world? How many healing books, classes, or courses have you engaged with to let go of the negative mind loops that may subconsciously hold you back from moving closer to what you feel is possible? And how many of these Qoya newsletters have you read, inviting you to dive deeper into how you feel? In the midst of all these invitations, how often do you truly make time for yourself to embody and ritualize the unique energy of the moment you're living in?

I ask this because we live in a culture of rampant distraction. I saw a video recently that really struck me where the person said, "Think of something you really want to create. Now instead of being on social media, take that time to activate it." I'm not assuming that we all have an unfulfilling relationship with social media; however, I am curious about the relationship we have with the things that bring us deep fulfillment. The things that we enjoy working towards. The call that shakes us to our core, evolving and remaking us along the way. That whispering soul voice that, when you take time to listen, gets so loud you can't unhear it. The thing that, even when you don't listen right away, stays close to you, patiently waiting for your choice to engage.

How do you get better at hearing, feeling and honoring those creative soul calls? I would say through embodiment and time in nature. Not the embodiment that is sitting in a chair. And not the nature that is watching a documentary about our planet or looking out the window. The real live experience of feeling your body move under the sky, with dirt under your feet. I wish for all of us more of these moments of experiencing the truth-telling of the body in the present moment illuminated by shining stars and blooming flowers, alongside the flowing river. The clarity that resonates and vibrates in the bones, fed by the breath, like wind blowing through the trees. The passion of presence to bring all of yourself into your lived experience. If you feel ready to rededicate yourself to feeling more, this New Moon in Taurus is a great time.

Our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The New Moon in Taurus on May 4, 2019 (6:44pm EST) is lunar beltane, sensual festival of natural riches. Slow down to feel more. Expand your capacity to feel. Feeling, which is messy and instinctive. Feeling, which detours the mind and points us the way when paths fork and cross-road. On the New Moon, the soil is ready for planting seeds. Get down low and dirty. Sink into synchronicity. Defy the tyrannies of “shouldn’t” or “can’t.” From your own inner resistances: rebel. Let the sap rise and the passions ignite. Pleasure is our treasure. With feet bare on the ground, awake to earthly delights. Listen through your soles to the textures and patterns. The fiddlehead ferns. The carpets of violets. Dogwoods and cherry blossoms. Morels in the woods. Listen to their knowledge. Learn and repeat. Wings are flapping. Times are fecund. Here we are, on this opulent Earth. Of this Earth. Our bodies made of the same stuff. Eating life. Velvety and substantial. Fertile and ripe with pollen and blossoms. Dripping honey and dewy essence. Prolific. Everything we need and are is right here, beneath our feet. Enter your body - it is more than enough. Marry the land - it is more than enough. Be partner and loyal lover of the land. Wed yourself to the unconquerable wealth of being. Be rich without ownership - but with access - to all of creation. Whole ecologies and economies simply exist, and we take part. The turning of the wheels. The mating of the turnings. An organic dialogue. A cipher. Learn the language of this primordial dance. The more we inhabit our cells, the more we can feel leaves rustling miles away as if they were the hair on our own skin. And know what they are saying.

Over the years, I have loved sending out the Qoya newsletters on the new and full moons to invite us as a community to infuse the unique energy of collective initiation we're experiencing into our individual physical embodied experience. The intention every month is always a variation of the same message: encouragement to honor the truth in your body, to trust yourself, to listen to the soul call at the center of your being, and to take such good care of yourself that you are able to be more of sincere service to others. Today's letter is no different. 

I invite you to let the rising temperatures (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) inspire you to do your next movement ritual outside in nature. Please go outside and take some time to feel your body, made of earth, fire, air, water and stars. Honor the holographic teachings of the earth, fire, air, and water under the sky of sun, moon, and stars. The value of lived experience is always there for you any time you choose to engage with it. 

In this poignant time of needing to protect the earth, one of the first steps is to appreciate and love Her. For we protect what we love.

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Wishing you a beautifully embodied new moon, 



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