Dear Daughters of the Sun,

In the spirit of the new moon in Aries, a fire sign, I invite you to contemplate the fiery angel you are and the love that burns bright in your heart.

The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And, on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.

—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

There is a courageous transition we make again and again each day as we rise from horizontal to vertical. How do we move from the cocooning rest of the sacred night to the expressive adventure of the day? Oftentimes, this awakening is inspired by the light of the sun coming in your window. In the interconnected reality of life, no one thing can do something for another, but it can mirror and inspire something inside to wake up. For example, yes, the sun shines in your window, but what is the spark in your psyche that motivates you to rise up, again and again? 

On a spiritual path, it's wise to remember this is an eternal, ever-evolving adventure. There's no one moment of arrival. Rather, life is a spiral of cycles, and the best we can do is arrive and be present in each moment. 

If you're reading this right now, there's likely a part of you that is curious or committed on how to merge your spiritual path with embodiment. This is where you practice letting go of the mental narrative of charting and comparing your experiences to others and take some time to feel deeply your embodied truth. It’s where you begin and continue to learn the most effective and enjoyable ways to feel this life force inside of you and its most natural and fulfilling expression in your life.

One of the easiest ways to learn or understand something is to be present with its opposite. If I really want to rally and do my co-creative part to help something manifest or emerge, I will go take a nap. I often tell myself and others, rest until you feel rested. Let go of your to-do list and pause. If you truly give yourself the time and space to restore yourself with rest, something amazing happens—you feel the impenetrable flicker of fire inside of you want to activate, instead of being forced to activate. Instead of inauthentically trying to work hard to feel a passionate rekindling, can you take a moment to be still with yourself and sense the subtle energy rising up from the base of your being, yearning to take action? 

If you're willing to experiment with how this energy lives in you, this New Moon in Aries could be a great time.

Our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The New Moon in Aries on April 5, 2019 at 4:50am EST is our ascent. After a dispersal, a rebirth. A seed containing a flame, dancing on the wings of the wind. New life, lifted alight. The flame-seed rises and floats, pulled through the air on natural, unseen currents. Without knowledge or care for where it will land. Without trying to comprehend future unfurlings. All needed discoveries will eventually be made. They dance through us. With curiosity and open palms, we allow life to move through us. In following its impulse, we allow life to move us, for life can’t know itself until it is lived. So life happens. We let life live. We make way for life to seize as many of our moments as possible. Life is all-encompassing, all-inclusive, and non-dismissive. It welcomes everything. Every loss and every birth is holy. Life eats death and time and carbon and water. Love is life’s companion. Love brings life more alive. Life is unpossessive of love. Without sacrifice, we can give ourselves to life. When we joyfully and freely give ourselves to life, we become stronger. More of our true essence. When we give ourselves freely to life, life gives us back to ourselves. The seed surrenders to its own nature. Settle into yourself as the spark of beginnings. The initiator. The place where life springs forth and makes itself anew. Let life lead. What grows from the seed becomes consummate, absorbed completely in its own light. And then it returns home, to the infinite source inside itself. Paradigms shift in perfect timing.

To embody this energy, I invite you to do this video titled the Well-Rested Warrior.

As a Qoya community, we often lean into the energy of this emergence by making our yearly pilgrimage to Costa Rica. This year's retreat celebrated the 10 Year Anniversary of Qoya, and here are some of the amazing photos that emerged as the women aligned with the light of the sun and its powerful reflection on the water, clouds and themselves at sunset. 

If you're inspired to join us for the Qoya Collective Retreat next spring, the dates for next year are March 28 - April 4th, 2020. Enrollment opens soon!


In addition to our biological parents and our chosen family, there is an invitation to feel our familial lineage to the elements in this celestial embodied life. Some traditions experience the earth as their mother, the sun as their father, the moon as their grandmother, the stars as their brothers and sisters, and fire as their grandfather. As you look up at the sun today, notice the relationship you have to the fiery angel center of your own universe and honor the duet you dance with your inner moon. The new moon is when the moon is dark and then in a few days, we see the silver of newness and a new cycle beginning again. As Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and the archetypical expression of starting a journey, let this moon cycle, this day, and this moment be another opportunity to begin again. 

With love fire,


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To continue diving into the energy of this Aries moon, you may also be inspired to check out the Embodied Astrology: Aries course which includes an introductory video to give you an overview of Arie's aspects, a Qoya Movement Ritual so you can embody your own personal relationship to Aries, an integration video with an exercise to apply in your life, worksheets with journal prompts, and a blessing for deep reflection.

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