Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

Healing, hope, and empowerment happen when we remember we are whole and holy. Each life experience, each moment, is another puzzle piece offering us an opportunity to reclaim a place where we have forgotten our wholeness. Life is an infinite opportunity to remember. Qoya is based on the idea that, through movement and through feeling, we remember. Whether you take a Qoya class in person, through a video online, at a retreat, or simply dancing to a song in your living room, the invitation is to softly surrender into noticing what is right in front of you by feeling how you actually feel. Noticing how you feel is important, because this is the bridge into the present moment of embodied authenticity. Embodiment empowers you to navigate the path of evolutionary change with resonance, integrity, and faith in the process.

Being a new mother of a two month old, I find this more true than ever. While life swirls around us, we come back to the present moment again and again. This presence centers me in who I am, a respect for the uniqueness of who he is, and the interconnection between us and all of life. There are moments when I find myself needing support and am so grateful for the reminder to notice how I feel in my body. To take a deep breath and shift my perspective into the power of connection through feeling. The other saving grace is when we take long walks in nature. 

I've always found the best metaphors to inspire healing, hope, and empowerment are found in nature. Throughout cycles and seasons, nature always comes back into balance. Sometimes the time cycle is a few days, months, years, or eons. Inevitably, an inherent blueprint of balance constantly evolves and changes back to itself.


Just like our inherent nature. There are many cycles in our evolution. Evolution is the kinder way of perceiving these rapid changes. Track your individual path and see the collective mirroring. Look at the collective reorganization and see your unique part in it. Then, with whatever you see going on in your life right now, I invite you to walk outside, breathe in the fresh air, and look around. Notice what you see and then (like Virginia will say in her astrological guidance), "Look again!" Imagine the answer to any question you hold is heard as easily as the wind moving through the trees or the sound of water rushing by in the closest creek. 

In the spirit of Earth Day next week, I call on the words of Sarah Drew, author of Gaia Codex and curator of the Facebook page Feminine Wisdoms who writes:

"Nourish the fertile gardens of your wild inner terrains, knowing that the time of harvest will come...all things flower in their time. Cultivate patience and courage. Our role is to midwife new worlds into the dream of Mother Earth, GAIA. Hold fast to your path. You will be challenged; this is certain. Know that your sisters stand with you. Remember such challenges are only a test, an opportunity to deepen into the Flowering Essence of your innate Soul's Wisdom."

If all things flower in their time, what is blooming for you right now?What is the ripe fruit on the branches of your tree ready to be enjoyed? And while you enjoy the fruits and harvests of what is emerging now, can you honor the surrender to change that you need to allow for this to happen? Noticing the connection, are you willing to surrender again? And again? 

Our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The Full Moon in Libra on April 19, 2019 at 7:11amEST is a double-take. The second Libra Full Moon this year. An invitation to look, then look again. New colors, new light, fresh air. New ways for colors and light and air to interact. New blooms and flowers meeting each other for the first time above ground. Touching petals. Tasting sunlight. New paths for the breath we share between us. The more we look and look again, the more we opportunities we have to see things differently. To dance in difference. To gaze from a different place and find perspective. To free ourselves through how we see and who we choose to be. To let our guard down, welcome connection, and in doing so, draw to us who we are meant to touch with our special kind of love. This Moon is a trampoline. Jump on it. Let it bounce you and shake you awake. Let your body move and activate and show us what it remembers. Make way for change. Allow yourself to change. To be change. To be changed by the space that is made and the connections that naturally form within it. We are made new by the light that runs through us and our inter-channels. Make way for truth. Un-arguable truth that just is. The kind of truth that remakes culture. Truth that grows the future. Truth that will be found in next-century gardens, moving from soil to seed to sun and back again, bringing forth food and medicine. Speak your truth with strength and curiosity. Speak for yourself and let the words be like fruit, filled with blazing life.

The prayer of Qoya has always been to create space for people to deeply feel the physical sensation of truth in their body to guide their way. This truth is beyond preference. You feel it in your bones. Listening to this truth calls on your courage more than your comfort. For a moment, maybe under this full moon, can you suspend your disappointment in the past and mistrust in the unknown future enough to be willing to let faith flow through you? Maybe you can ask yourself the question as you look at the individual and collective moment we are in, "What would this feel like if I had faith in the process of evolutionary change?" 

To embody the unique energy of this time and do a double take into your inner world, I invite you to explore your embodied truth with this video titled, Feel Your Truth and Follow It (or you could also find a trampoline and as Virginia says, "Jump on it!").

Whatever movement inspires you, it always offers the mirror reflection of the truth and beauty that lives inside your body, always there to awaken and inform you. While the astrological archetype of Libra is often associated with balance and relationships, my wish is for you to feel your body as your soul's dance partner for this life experience. For those moments when we forget or when we want to celebrate the power to remember, Qoya is here, and I thank you for being here, too. 

With love and faith in the process of evolutionary change, 


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To continue diving into the energy of this Libra moon, you may also be inspired to check out the Embodied Astrology: Libra course which includes an introductory video to give you an overview of Libra's aspects, a Qoya Movement Ritual so you can embody your own personal relationship to Libra, an integration video with an exercise to apply in your life, worksheets with journal prompts, and a blessing for deep reflection.

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New Zealand Retreat with Samar: April 17 - 22

Kripalu Retreat (Massachussetts) with Rochelle: June 30 - July 5

Taos Retreat with Samar: July 19 - 21

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Kripalu Retreat (Massachussetts) with Rochelle: June 30 - July 5

Multiversity Retreat (California) with Rochelle: July 21 - 26


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