Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

There is a teaching about life being like waves in the ocean. When things are good and the vibes are high, enjoy and savor because it will change. Similarly, when things are challenging, embrace whatever the lessons are and know that this too will pass. The idea is to remember that the only constant in the outer world is change, and everything that comes into the world will also leave.

There is a second teaching that encourages our perception not to become so attached to the surface experiences of the ups and the downs, knowing that they will always happen and to instead cultivate our ability to observe life with more neutral curiosity, identifying with the steady swaying stillness that rests in the depths of the ocean.

My personal favorite experiences in the ocean are when I let it hold me, lying on my back and drifting, looking up at the clouds in the sky. When I can see a big wave coming and dive into it, fully immersing myself into its capacity to hold me. I love that feeling of diving in! My love of the ocean is a metaphor of my love of life, as both require just the right amount of discernment to feel safe as I tread into the unknown. Simultaneously, they both invite me to surrender my soul to the experience of the present moment.

If the ocean is a metaphor for your life, where is your awareness swimming today? On the surface, in the depths, both? What does it feel like in your body to flow through ever-changing cycles and rhythms? What does it feel like to notice these patterns and let your awareness also flow outside of them, in an infinite place not bound by time or space?

I ask these questions because this New Moon in Pisces is a great time to follow the flow of your experience. Just like the waves in the ocean are influenced by the cycles of the moon, we are collectively invited to sensitize ourselves to the energetic influence of Pisces.

image credit:    Dan Johnson

image credit: Dan Johnson

Our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The New Moon in Pisces on March 6, 2019 (11:04am EST) is like a steaming cup of hot tea. Linger over it. Breathe with it. Take in its mysterious vapors. This Moon is a daydream. Entrancing. Awe-inspiring. Be absorbed in the reverie. Steep in your sensitivity. Be washed by it. This Moon is a moment of quiet, infused with resounding tides. Merge with the deafening silence. Humming with the tune of the most subtle and pervasive. The music of inevitable loss. Oceanic waves of emotion and sensation. Swelling, swirling, and breaking. Illogical, a sloughing-through. Messy, catastrophic flooding. Cleansing in its utmost bliss. Fertilizing us with eternity. Lose yourself in the liquid. Immerse in it like a spiritual bath. Drink it down. Speak into it your prayers and wishes, then sip it slowly, taking those prayers into your tissues. Drain it to reveal the leaves. Note the power of absence, the essence of a thing imbibed and moved on. This imprint is your oracle. Divine through this reflection - that everything that is and was will eventually be lost. And in its lostness, spirit is found. Forgiveness. Compassion. A pouring-out. An opening-more. Emptiness leads to fullness. We move through cycles of redemption. It’s the reason to dream and to live more completely. The reason to unclench and love unconditionally. There is a permanence to Oneness. Everything emerges from, and eventually returns to, the Source. Atonement comes from this recognition, that every separate-seeming thing is ultimately One. Nothing ever truly disappears. What we lose can be willingly surrendered or given. Grief is how we honor godliness. There is no escaping from ourselves. Turn back, towards the deluge of Love you already are and always will be.

To embody this energy, I invite you to create 22 minutes for yourself to explore how you feel and Embody Your Flow.

Qoya is a safe and sacred space to explore your capacity to trust the physical sensation of truth in your body. This requires you to have the spaciousness to feel truth, and in the modern momentum tunnel of busyness and exhaustion, the truth of how we feel can be inconvenient. Truth is also quite persistent. Our more intense emotions can overwhelm us when ignored, like a tsunami; however, when we curate our life to have more daily practices to honor these experiences in their more nuanced and subtle forms, we can take better care of our needs as they arise. The better we can attune to our own soul and the more centered we feel in ourselves, the better we can show up to attune to the needs of the souls we share this world with. 

The ocean embraces everyone. May our path of remembering inspire us to feel the truth of love's essence that does the same.

With gratitude for the teachings of the water and to all who are open to learning from Her,




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