Dear dreamers on the other side of the screen,

It takes immense courage to dream. You must be willing to expand your faith to hold a vision of possibility becoming a probability. At the same time, you must hold space in your psyche that if this dream does not manifest in physical form, you will be ok. Fear of disappointment is often what holds us back from moving in the direction of our dreams. 

In Qoya, I often share an exercise called Alacazamshazam. One person shares their dream, and then their partner makes it bigger just for fun. An example is a playwright says, “My dream is that my plays are celebrated,” and then her partner says, “Not only will they be celebrated, but they will be so cherished that the government will invest a large amount of money to bring people to the moon to watch your play with the new background of earth!"

The idea is to find a way to ENJOY the dreaming. It’s common to put limitations on dreams, to be more “reasonable" or make your dreams smaller, thinking this will increase the likelihood of them coming true.

I was leading a retreat at Kripalu last summer (where I’m returning this summer) about honoring the Call to Create that every person innately feels. One exercise was to get in partners and share a dream of something you want to create, then put your songs on shuffle to dance to a song for you and one for your partner. For each dance, intuit any messages to support these dreams coming true. 

I confess although I was leading this workshop, my heart was tender, and I was scared to dream again. I gave a vague answer that my dream was for "the next phase of my life."

My partner came back, and after dancing for herself and for me, she said, “There is something you want, but you’re just saying to yourself, ‘If it happens, ok and if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be ok,’ but that’s not how you feel. I felt like when I was dancing for you that you really need to own that you want it.”

This was around my birthday, and I'd been gifted a beautiful ceremonial bath kit by Gemstone Organics to support activating the solar plexus. I followed the process the kit led me through of writing my desire down, connecting with the crystals, calling on the special bath salts to clear any energy ready to be released, invoking the spirits of the plants by drinking the tea included, staring at the yantra that is connected to the solar plexus, and lighting the candle with hopes of having my path forward also be illuminated. It felt truly ceremonial as I made a gesture to myself and life that this desire was at the center of my heart. The last part of the ceremony was to repeat the line, “I can achieve anything I desire." I said it dozens of times until I had healed the part of me that had lost faith in my ability to co-create with the divine. Yes, I knew that if it didn’t work out, there would likely be a good lesson or that I would make the best of it. However, this was about reclaiming my right to dream in the direction of my heart's truest desire. I decided to dream my dream with all of my being and live the truth of my heart. 

I am writing this blog post on the other side of that dream. Shortly after that Qoya retreat, I was living into my dream of motherhood and a family. Last weekend, I gave birth to a baby boy, who we named as Desmond Bear Miller.


On the path, I had lost faith and was able to find it again. Perhaps this is one of the gifts dreams give us? The opportunity to believe. Regardless of what does or doesn’t happen, we continually reclaim our capacity to dream into the truth of what is calling us forward. 

If you feel inspired to reclaim your capacity to dream bigger dreams and dance with them wherever they may take you, this full moon will support you.

Our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The Full Moon in Virgo on February 19, 2019 (10:53am EST) is about realizing dreams. Whose dreams are they? Dreams do not belong to individuals. They are spiritual forces that connect us to our hearts, each other, our ancestors, and infinity. Our dreams can find us when we release our grip. The longings we steward bring us closer to the divine. Take your time, and allow yourself to tend them. Bathe in your yearnings. Steep in the desires that have not yet found form. Feel the weight of love-yet-unrequited. Affirm your resources. Anchor self-worth. We are worthy of the dreams that come for us. We deserve to be conduits for Spirit. The dreams that are meant to guide our way will find us. Even those that turn out to be illusions play a part in our perfect unfolding. Not all dreams are destined to take root. Some are for casting effect, leaving their impressions on our hearts and rippling into timelessness. Accept where reality does not reflect your idealistic notions - it is still sacred ground for planting seeds. Confusion will give way to clarity. Tears are magic medicine, remedies for the illusion of separation. On this Moon, set aside time for Spirit. Light a candle and be with the wordless ones. Breath-meeting-body, practice the purification of presence. Sense space between thoughts; surrender between tasks. Listen to the subtleties, energy permeating matter. Humming. The sacred and profane douse one another. Connect with this continuous, unconditional flow of blending essences. Commit to longing and letting go. Give voice to your inspirations. Suspend your disbelief, and imagine the most compassionate dreams moving through you now becoming real life. Let achievements simply be the shape your love takes.

Just as performing my solar plexus ceremony helped me embody that which I was seeking, feeling my way through rather than thinking my way through, I encourage you to embody the invitation of this full moon rather than just reading this email.

Embodying your dreams is a powerful gesture not only of what you are calling in but of your willingness to receive it and your willingness to co-create with the divine as an active participant in your life. Embodiment means, as Virginia writes, acknowledging that your dreams do not belong to you alone, but are spiritual forces that connect you to the rest of the web of life. It opens you up to dreams you don't even know you have yet or are unable to articulate right now. It gives form to formlessness and draws your dreams out of the ether and into your body. Into your life.

Are you willing to reclaim your capacity to dream? Are you willing to embody this reclamation through movement?

If so, I offer this movement ritual, Enjoy Your Dreams, to help you embody this willingness and open up receive the dreams that are unfolding, making them bigger than your fears, and dreaming them with the full force of your heart and inspired action.

My prayer is that this ritual supports you in dreaming your heart's truest desires unapologetically. May you feel inspired and encouraged to move past fear or limitations, and enjoy your dreams exactly as they are, trusting that the highest good for all will unfold and that the dreams that are meant to guide you will always find you.

Dreaming with you,




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