Dear Dancer on the Path,

As Qoya teachers, we have gathered together to lead classes around the world with a similar theme: the wild power of self-love. 

As I sit with the weight of this full moon, I sense a timely invitation, to love all ourselves, especially the places where we may have never brought our love before.


The habits we wish we didn’t have. 

The courage we wish we did. 

The critical voices that constantly scan for imperfection. 

The old fears that project past hurts onto the purity of potential in each present moment. 

Do you have any of those? Are you willing to dance with them lovingly? Are you curious what that could feel like? 

For many of us, it would feel honest.

As difficult as truth telling can be with our soul self, the only thing that tends to be harder is living in the facade and knowing you are.

What would your day look like if there was space to explore the tender triggers gently? Just for a day or two? Maybe this weekend under the light of the full moon? 

Our resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The Full Moon in Aries on October 13, 2019 (5:06pm EST) is a dark mirror. We are never alone. We are always accompanied by an eternal companion—our own shadow. Light always dances with dark. This Full Moon shines a bright light on our darkest recesses, illuminating old, stuck, and blocked energies to be cleared away. Things are coming up from the deep. Through contrast, this Moon asks us to dive deeper into ourselves and our connections. It asks our relationships to transform. What emerges in our relationships now is a reflection of Self. Don’t fear the dark mirror—gaze into it, and allow your inner eye to open. This is a scrying moon. Scrying means ‘peeping,’ or seeing in the dark. What do you see when you look for yourself in the dark? Look into the shadow of yourself and your loved ones. Obsidian reflection leads to excavation and transformation. Shadows are nothing to fear. Don’t disown them into haunting ghosts. Turn towards them with welcome embrace. Tend them. Make peace with them. Love them as your own. Eat them as food for your own power. Don’t fear the reaper. This Moon is an ego-death. It takes us far into the past to rectify its influence on us. It asks us to see old limits and honor them—in order to break them. To release blockages that have held us back. It asks us to give up who we used to be, so we can become more of who we really are. 

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

—Marianne Williamson

To embody this energy, one of the most important things we need is the time and space to feel, along with the willingness to notice. 

Once you notice something that may be uncomfortable, our encouragement is to approach it lovingly. Compassionately. Gently. Through the movement of your body, spend some time in a place of curiosity simply exploring how your tenderest places respond to kindness.

This movement ritual video, The Wisdom to Dance with Your Shadow, is a great way to start if this is new to you.

Whether you do the video or dance on your own, imagine not looking for the right way to move your body as much as the most honest way to move your body. Let the goal be self-awareness. Wishing you a beautiful full moon.

With love, 


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