Dear Dancers in the Dream,

Wishing you a heartfelt happy new year. For those who wish to jump into the ocean of collective consciousness during this new year, new moon, and partial solar eclipse, there are waves of enthusiasm, awakening, and positive energy for you to ride into the shore of 2019. This intuitive wave of energy is asking, "Are you wiling to commit to your intention?"

Can you relate to the tendency of modern living where the body does one thing, the mind is somewhere else, emotions are fluctuating, and the spirit is in its sacred space somewhere completely different? Part of practical living with awareness is about creating congruence for your body, mind, heart, and spirit to be clarity and integrity with one another. What would your life look like if you believed this was possible for you? What would it feel like in your body to devote yourself in embodied prayer and action to this vision?

In personal growth communities, we often practice peace and surrender. Yes. Great tools for many times and situations. However, if there is an incredibly large gap between the vision in your heart and the reality of your external world, I invite you to consider this could be a time calling for your committed action. I have this conversation with many women who say that they want something, but they're "not attached and trust the universe." If that's true, great. However, if as you say it, your heart aches because it's not true, I wonder what it would be like to give yourself permission to really align with the soul call you feel. The thing that brings vitality to your being. The thing that if there was a successful completion of, you would feel like it was less about accomplishing a goal and more about facilitating a soul retrieval for yourself. The place where you recognize that because the desire is so big, so are the stakes and the resistance. 

As I write this, I'm having a flashback of a lighter example when a woman told me her dream was to be able to do splits. I asked her, "Do you practice?" She looked at me confused. I asked another way, "Do you stretch?" She seemed still bewildered as if there was a correlation between her desire coming to fruition and her own active participation.

What happens when you measure the distance between your intention and your commitment?

Our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares that as we align with our intention in our earthy lives, we will be aligning with by the cosmic energies above. She writes:

The New Moon on January 5, 2019 (8:28pm EST) is a partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Eclipses mark major turning points, and their influence lasts for 18 months following their initial occurrence. The new year begins on a serious note. If ever there was a year to set intentions, this is it! There are moments in life when we feel ready to move on - to leave the past behind and set ourselves to the task of building more of what we want. This Moon is one of those defining moments. It is a time when we are pressed to dedicate ourselves more fully to be the owners and authors of our lives. The world is influenced by those who show up. This Moon asks us to show up, to make commitments, and to set up structures that will support us in seeing them through. There are so many things that can distract us from the essence of why we are here. Other people and society try to define ambitions for us. If there was no one you needed to impress - no external expectations to live “up to” - what would you spend your time doing? What would you work towards? What is your true calling? Looking back at the year past, is there anything you wish you did less of? Time is our most valuable resource, and this Capricorn moon requests that we use our time wisely. Work smarter, not harder. Uncomplicate your goals and make them attainable. Remove waste and excess so you can focus on what’s most important to you. Looking at the year past, is there anything you wish you did more of? When you take away external validation, what does success mean to you? We can all be successful. The more we embrace our own mountain - the one we were born to climb - the more we inhabit our integrity and pave the way for others to live their purpose, too. Something is calling you toward it. Listen. Then place your feet on the Earth and go after it.

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. Remembering the essence of who you are can be very helpful in conjuring the courage to commit to your truest calling. When we are talking about intention, it is often to bring something from an idea into a physical reality. Therefore, I find embodiment is one of the most powerful tools in calling energetics into form. 

The first movement in a Qoya class is intention setting. This is where everyone is invited to come into the present moment by connecting with their breath. It can be very difficult and uncomfortable at times to transition the mind from judging, analyzing, and planning into the intelligence of embodied lived experience. Once connected to the present moment, we invite an intention to come in and then repeat it like a mantra, inhaling while saying silently, "Today I am dancing for..." I encourage people to do this 3-5 times to become clear and steady. The challenge is the wandering mind, where one may set an intention but instead of staying with it, starts the cycle of distraction or daydreaming. We anchor our intention in our bodies by planting the intention like a seed in our hearts and pausing for a moment to feel the tender vulnerable place of acknowledging our desire. Next, we plant our intention into the unique time and physical space where we are. Lastly, we plant our intention like a seed in the earth. Just like one would plant a seed in soil and begin a collaborative growth experiment and just like so many seeds that are planted in the earth grow and nourish us in this world, we offer a prayer that this seed also be supported on its path of manifestation. 

The embodied invitation for this new moon is to: 

1) Commit to your intention by first slowing down enough to be present to it.

2) Listen for what that call is and then set your intention! 

Here are two separate videos for you to explore tuning in and setting your intention. Oftentimes in Qoya classes, we encourage the intention to arise organically in the moment. In the spirit of commitment, my suggestion is at the beginning of your day or daily practice, you set the same intention as a grounded gesture of devotion to your soul's path.

Self reflection time: How committed are you to your intention? 

For those who are truly seeking movement in their life, I encourage you to explore adding more movement in your life. The circulation of blood, oxygen, and energy will continuously cleanse what is ready to be released, ground you into the gifts of the moment, and remind you of the importance of taking time to dream. 

Pick a reasonable goal - something you can succeed at - and whether it is Qoya, yoga, walking or any other movement that feels good in your body, I wish for you to honor the part of you that is ready to commit on a consistent basis to your intention and reclaim the power you hold to co-create in the world. May this new year, new moon, and partial solar eclipse support you on your path!

With a committed love,



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