Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

As you navigate the change of seasons and all the transformations inside and around you, there may be times when you wish, hope, and pray for clear guidance. For almost 10 years now, Qoya has been encouraging people through movement to remember that a powerful navigational tool is feeling the truth you can experience inside of your body. One easy way to describe this sensation of truth is like a tuning fork; when your choices are in alignment with your truth, there's a feeling of resonance. The subtlety and nuance is that you can still choose things that may be difficult, that require you to rise up and grow, but there is a part of them that still feels good because you're remaining in your integrity. 

The main challenge to developing this skill and the spaciousness to follow it is the narrative:

I'm too busy.

When you're sucked into the momentum tunnel of other people's expectations and don't take time to feel if your inner wisdom is on board, that intuitive resistance creates exhaustion. Just like any relationship, if you want to deeply connect with a family member, someone you work with, or a friend, you need to seek out opportunities for that connection or won't happen. Even more than time, the quality of your attention during that time is required. The same is true of your relationship with yourself. You could take a full day off, but never drop in to listen to the song of your soul. You could work all day then draw a bath for yourself at night, and in 20 minutes of soaking in hot salt water, profoundly rest into your essence. When it comes to connection, the quality of your attention is more important than the quantity of your time.

When in a stressful hurrying mode, taking time to deeply connect can seem impossible. However, since when are your most sane and nourishing decisions made from your stressful hurrying mode? My invitation to you is to prioritize some quality time with yourself and with your life. There are SO MANY RESOURCES all around every one of us. Free meditations and talks online! Oracle cards! Online courses! Books and audiobooks! Podcasts! Inspirational music! Silence! The most important aspect to cultivate is the ability to notice what resonance feels like for you. Once you feel that feeling, acting in alignment with it is the portal to integrity. The portal to integrity is one of the most powerful gifts you can ever experience and is something that only you can give yourself. Aligning your choices with your truth is a profound gesture of self-respect. It's also a gesture of deeply trusting in the universe and believing there is space for your truth to be lived into. Let this truth be strong like a tree, but also flexible to the wind of new information that life continually brings. 

We are all evolving at this time. Growth is inevitable. To live in resonance and full of integrity, flexibility, and forgiveness (of self and others), is a form of strength. You know all this. You know it because you can feel it in your gut, with goosebumps on your skin, or by the zing along your spine. We all have access to the soul voice inside, to the animating aspect of our lives that is connected to the animating aspect of all life. When we are aligned with this infinite source, our lives become an embodied prayer. That energy that we pray to becomes more visible in this world through our voices, our hands that take action, and through the love we express.

So when are you able to commit to deeply listen to yourself? Whether you have a daily devotional practice or it's been a minute, perhaps this Sunday under the sky of the New Moon in Virgo could be a great time? 

Our resident astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg, shares how this moon can support you on your path of integrity and resonance:

The New Moon in Virgo on September 9, 2018 (2:01pm EST) is useful and simple. In times of quickening and dismantlement, place an ear to the ground. Things are moving fast and becoming reinvented. Continue to adapt, and accept help from this moon to realign. Allow the nervous system to settle. Rest, listen, and quiet the mind long enough to hear what Spirit is dreaming through you. Then, prepare the fields to receive inspiration. Order and organize. Sort through chaos and put things in their proper place. Identify problems and outline their solutions. Refine goals and revise your routine. Locate the rhythms you can lean into that will steady you into successful outcomes. Love yourself in systems that help you to work smart and live efficiently. Where can you purify and clear waste? Which virtues would you like to cultivate? Are your skills honed? All is perfect as it is...and could use improvement. Set about the ways of cultivation and refinement. Without judgement. Without pretense. With much devotion.

One of the most powerful ways I know to deepen into self and listen is through movement. All of the songs in this movement ritual are by a dear friend and muse of mine, Maya Azucena, who embodies soul, service, and strength in all of her music. I offer these songs and movements to you to empower you on your path of Integrity and Resonance.

May you know the experience of yourself in integrity and in resonance. As you come deeper into your embodied truth, may you be of service to support others on their journeys of integrity and resonance. May we all hold the vision of a collective evolution that honors and respects the values of integrity and resonance as part of its foundation. On the forever journey, may we harvest the inspiration we need and be willing to reinvent along the way. 

With love and prayer,


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