Dear Soul on the other side of the screen,

Do you feel spring’s emergence? Although for some it may still be covered in snow, can you sense the inevitable emergence of new life that is on its way to all of us?

On March 2nd, we began our Qoya Embody the Goddess India retreat in Dharamsala. We set the dates many months ago and were quite surprised to realize that we had synchronistically planned the retreat to start on the festival day of Holi! With the backdrop of the Himalayas and with the help of the local women devotional singers, we celebrated the harbinger of spring as a symbol of eternal life with COLOR, music and dancing. These moments of magic are a gift and like beauty, they are often experienced in the eye of the beholder.

Blessed moments are something that can be described as auspicious. Like an omen. Divinely timed. In right alignment. Congruent within and with the forces around itself. Holy.

As all of us who are dancing through a human life know from our lived experience, when something is truly ripe in our lives, it has the best flavor — and yet we're often tempted to pick unripe fruit from the tree of our life before it's ready.

There are times when our vision becomes crystal clear and we can truly see the next step on our path. We may not have the full five year plan, but we can sense the truth calling us forward by immersing us in the now with patience, simplicity, and devotion.

I humbly suggest that as the sky grows dark and the slightest sliver of promised emerging light waits its turn to shine on us, we look up and feel the faith that whatever we're dancing with in our lives is also emerging in its own time. Just because we do not see the moon does not mean it is not there.

What if one cannot miss their destiny, if it is simply not possible? What if the only promise is that it will not come in the timing you expect? What if we surrender some of our expectations and listen to the part of our soul that's willing to dance the questions all the way though?

Our resident astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg, shares: 

The New Moon in Pisces on March 17, 2018 (9:11am EST) represents fresh pathways. Yin naturally becomes yang, and yang naturally contains yin. 

“The seed of the new cyclic manifestation is already latent.” 

—Lynda Hill

When we rest long enough, we can awaken with vigor. Our dreamings inspire new modes of actions, alternate methods of recreating worlds. Beneath the cobwebs of complexity, can you feel the basic impulse to life? Can you celebrate the strength of what survives? This is a time of beginning again. Wake up. Be fresh. See the same situation from new eyes. Greet the untouched chapter before you, and claim yourself here. Dance the mantra, “I am Willing,” and feel what your body wants to make. There is healing in embracing life’s desire.

Is this true for you?

Are willing to dance into the inquiry of whatever is most present for you now and align with its assured radiant light, trusting that it will emerge in its own perfect timing? 

In celebration and excitement for Qoya dancer (and dear friend) Mia Glass, here is a video that will be posted on her new website, Harmonious Dichotomous.

The Qoya India retreat began each morning with an invocation to a different Goddess and the qualities she expresses with a prayer that as we honor Her, we also honor those aspects of ourselves:

Shakti ~ the pure essence of life

Saraswati ~ creativity and inspired expression

Radha ~ devotion and purity of heart

Parvati ~ the desire to connect with others in family and community

Kali ~ fierceness, destruction as a function of time

Lakshmi ~ abundance, generosity, beauty

Mahadevi as Durga ~ creatrix, full expression of all faces of the Goddess

We danced each day into the different aspects of ourselves and each went on the transformational journey of releasing, trusting, savoring, and expansion. At the end of the week, as a group we experienced something I would call a miracle. In this case, the Qoya group was granted a private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Although there was a lot of effort, prayer, and vision holding that this could happen, ultimately it was a blessing in which several elements all magnetized into a singular place.

So much of this Qoya community is living into the experiment of remembering our essence and sensitizing to the messages of resonance that guide us on a path that is aligned with our wise, wild and free soul.

May we rise up not only as individuals but as a community that supports one another in honest reflection of what is not aligned, in courageous encouragement to trust the knowing within towards what is, to celebrate and savor the sacred moments when they come into full bloom, and to humbly hold the vision of our highest alignment as inevitable.

With love!



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