Dear Veil Lifters,

Good news alert! March 1st, 2018 is Qoya's 9 year anniversary! Once upon a time, there was a group of women who were curious to explore this question: how can we feel the most like ourselves when we move? We've been dancing into the answer to that question for many moons (117 of them to be exact!). With each cycle of growth and transformation, it's such an honor to rise up side by side, learning and growing and exploring the potential of our embodied lives when we remember that our essence is wise, wild and free.

We live in transformational times. Our capacity to sense subtle energy increases while our tools to manage the more obvious injustices call for upgrades as often as our iPhones. As technology advances and we're exposed to more information than ever before, an emotional acceleration awakens our capacity to feel more than ever before. More fear. More love. More pain. More joy. More sadness. More courage. Is this true for you? Has your tender true heart been stretching like silly putty all around this world?

At the rate that our inner and outer worlds progress, we may wonder: how are we going to keep up? Keep up with ourselves? Keep up with our jobs? Keep up with our communities? Keep up with the world as it changes and changes again?

I offer you a gift that I have learned from the embodiment practice of Qoya called co-occurring experiences. You can feel your feelings without them defining the essence of who you are.

Avoiding your feelings can often be more difficult than softening and surrendering to them. When you look an experience in the eye with love, you can ask yourself, "Is this a feeling or is this a fact?" With awareness, we begin to honor the impermanent, ever-changing flow of emotion and steady ourselves in the bigger picture of interconnected reality.

How can this perspective help? In the conversation of the balance between the masculine and the feminine, yin and yang, and the right side of the brain with the left side of the brain, we can create a container of awareness to hold the expression of love. Our invitation is to cultivate a conscious observation of life as it reveals itself to us to the extent at which we can hold it in love's integrity. There is an effort we can apply, and there is an efforlessness we can also experiment with. If you were to let go of your strategy and let the truth of each moment emerge, perhaps underneath there is a whisper of bliss.

So how does this work? Think about a time when you were upset with someone for a long time until something happened and you melted back to love? Or a time when you became defensive until you had a change of heart and softened up? Now think of a time you've been harshly self-critical until you found a moment of compassion for yourself and remembered the truth - that you're an incarnation of love doing the best she can.

Forgiveness and reconciliation can happen in a hot minute when the veil over truth is lifted. I think that is part of why we are all here - so that individually and collectively, we find the parts of ourselves that are willing to BE here, awake and feeling the sacred pulse of life dance through us and us dancing with it, as it.

Our resident astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg, shares:

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 1, 2018 (7:51pm EST) is a lifting veil. Sometimes we are lost at sea. Submerged in fog. Confused. Flooded with emotion. Edges become fuzzy as distinct elements merge together. Even here, can we surrender? Especially here, can we soften and allow? Relinquish separateness. Lead all form to emptiness. Divine longings continuously flow through us, like water seeking the grandest of oceans. Give way to the virtue of dreaming. Nature never hurries, and yet, everything gets done. Spirit longs to infuse matter and indeed, steeps every thing with love. Rest and heal. Drift. Attune to the music preceding creation. The extent to which you begin anew depends on your release. Let go. Forgive. This is a cleansing time. There is nothing to be done but make way for spiritual innocence to find its ocean. As the veil lifts, it reveals ornate perfection. The work already done. Receive this purification.

“Love is the possibility of wholeness.”

- Adrienne Maree Brown

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. We remember the sensation of the sacred as it animates our body, and movement helps mirror our body's truth back to us.

Many people wonder: how can my body be trustworthy when I can think of times when it wasn't? Here's a hint: trust more of the feelings in the body when your nervous system is in homeostasis, when you feel calm, centered, and like yourself. When you are getting all sorts of feelings and thoughts while the body is activated in the stress response of fight or flight, try soothing yourself with movement, meditation, a hot bath, or whatever works to come back to homeostasis, the calm state.

I offer this short movement ritual to explore your relationship to lifting the veil and surrendering to the feelings inside. With the mystical fog in the background, open your body with circling, open your hips, dance your yoga as prayer, honor the wholeness of your shadow contrast, and release anything that's ready to be let go with your free dance!

How do you feel now that you've danced?

Do you feel more connected to the interconnected pulse of love guiding you always, guiding each one of us?

May you expand with each inhale. As the sensation of the world enters your being, may you amplify your awareness to perceive it with love.

May you express love with each exhale. Every few seconds when the airy precious gift of life is expelled from your body, may you trust another round will bless you.

All day long, you dance the dance of presence and trust with every single breath. One breath at a time, let us surrender into the clarity and the mystery of feeling fully with great love.

With a lift of the veil,


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