Dear Soul on other Side of the Screen,

One of the most interesting aspects of my work is that I have the honor to ask and answer questions with others about what truly nourishes our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. In Qoya, we explore this most often through movement, then also ritual, community, and pilgrimages.

Some of the most common themes that emerge are: what is the balance between being able to function in this world but not be bound by it? How can we trust and follow what feels resonant while maintaining the relationships that are necessary in our families, businesses, and society? How do we manage our schedules being pulled in so many different directions while still staying true to where our hearts are calling us forward?

The answers are different for each person and different during different cycles of life. The navigational tool is becoming well-versed in how to access your inner wisdom, cultivating courage and confidence to express yourself authentically, and then expanding your capacity to prioritize nourishment. My hope is that every Qoya class strengthens each person's ability to do this. 

For many of us, there’s often a soul ache when we measure the distance between what we felt called to do and what we accomplished. While there's always an invitation to celebrate, there is also an invitation for honest self-reflection.

As we approach the space between the solstice, the ending of the past year and the beginning of a new year, what emerges as you reflect on your journey?

How did you prioritize what is most important to you this last year?

How did you not prioritize what is most important to you this last year?

How will you prioritize what is most important to you this next year?

How are you concerned you will not prioritize what is most important to you this next year?

Are you wiling to take time to reflect and write down to the answers to these questions?

Our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares shares how we we can be supported in our inquiry at this time. She writes:

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 22, 2018 (12:48pm EST) holds the keys to deeper self-integration. There is a new task approaching. In order to access these assignments, we must align and center ourselves within our own integrity. What purpose have we come here to fulfill? During this past moon cycle, we have been steeping in dreams and visions. Our visionary talents have been stoking questions of what we want to do and who we want to be in our next chapter. As we sift our dreamings, we encounter the vulnerable elements of our own will. In order to accomplish what we came here to attend, we must integrate the ways we withhold or misdirect our energies. We must heal our impotence. We must own our desires. We must stand with compassionate strength for what we want, choosing to move forward with fierce grace. We must embrace that anger and fortitude can energize the accomplishment of necessary tasks. This Moon offers clairvoyance, open sight, opportunities, and fortunate news. Commit to protecting and nurturing that which is held most dear. Give yourself to fostering what feels most important. Embrace yourself as a parent to what you seek to cultivate in the world. Dedicate a space in your heart and in your life to tend that, without distraction.

How do you set yourself up in your life to embody the clarity and commitment you pray for? For me and for many others, our feeling of connection to our deepest truths and ability to integrate them into our lives has a direct correlation to our feeling of connection with our bodies and the earth. One of the easiest ways to wake up to our deeper callings is by coming into our bodies and attuning to the powerful messages of the earth that are always around us when we remember to look.

In this slower time of the winter solstice and the pause that can often happen at the end of the year, how will you listen more deeply? 

If you were able to prioritize what is most important to you, in what ways can you imagine your new year would be truly NEW? 

I offer you something to contemplate if it resonates for you. It's the phrase: Nourishment First. 

There will always be distractions from your vision. Some pleasurable. Some obligatory. In the face of both, how do you truly prioritize what is most important? Perhaps you can find a way to do that first? Trust that all the other aspects of your life will find a way to get done, since you probably already have great capacity to manage them. However, where are the places calling for your attention, asking for growth? Where are your instincts less activated to aligning with what serves you, so you can be of most service to the world? How can you commit to the things that are the most nourishing first?

If you are reading this, there's a chance that you feel the soul call towards prioritizing movement, and that that is part of your path. I invite you to dance with me today to this video called: Nourishment First: Prioritize What's Important. It's a simple video to set an intention, circle through each part of your body, embody your intention with some gentle yoga sequencing, and then shake out anything that keeps you from staying connected!

I also offer the experiment to track how other aspects of your life arrange themselves when you are nourished, in whatever way nourishment appears for you now. For some, it is rest. For others, it is creative projects. Or maybe your business projects. Whatever nourishment is for you, I wish for you a deep honoring of all that you have created and received in 2018 and a prayer that in 2019, there's an expansion of perspective where you feel more reflective harmony between your inner desires and the dance with your outer world.

Thank you for being part of our global Qoya family in 2018. Every single moment when one of us remembers our true essence and can feel the physical sensation of our spirits animating our human bodies is a gift. Whenever we dance in that direction and in those sacred moments when we arrive, may we feel the pulse of people courageously dancing before us, alongside us, and the pulse of those who will come after.

To another year of remembering,


P.S. For those of you who live in or have access to Los Angeles, I invite you to join me for a class in Venice, California on Saturday, January 5th from 3:30pm - 5:00pm with the theme Remembering the Future.



To continue diving into the energy of this Cancer moon, you may also be inspired to check out the Embodied Astrology: Cancercourse which includes an introductory video to give you an overview of Cancer's aspects, a Qoya Movement Ritual so you can embody your own personal relationship to Cancer, an integration video with an exercise to apply in your life, worksheets with journal prompts, and a blessing for deep reflection.

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