Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

About 10 years ago, I went to a divine feminine conference at the visionary artist Alex Grey's house. One of the speakers there was Julia Butterfly Hill, who lived in a redwood tree named Luna as an environmental activist to protect the deforestation that devastates many ecosystems around the world. In her talk, she said something that stuck like super glue to my soul: that when we throw something away, we lack understanding of our interconnected reality, because there is no away.


Imagine all the landfills or the plastic islands in the ocean. Just because we longer see or interface with what has been removed from our immediate environment, it doesn't mean the things we throw away are gone. A physical, tangible, traceable reality lingers. 

This is also true energetically.

Our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 7, 2018 (11:02am EST) is Lunar Samhain - for the Northern Hemisphere, an induction into darkness. Shadows grow longer, and ghosts rise up in the season of the Earth’s exhale. Green beings shed to alternate shades. With our dead, and in our unended dramas, we dance. Histories of our ancestors are inscribed in the tablet of our DNA. The Earth’s body forgets nothing. No business goes unfinished. All must eventually be faced and recycled. This last year has been a scrutinous purgative. We have lived under investigation, in the lightening of secrets, throwing old illusions on the compost heap. Unslain demons, irreconcilable mysteries, and intimate sources of effortless power have coagulated in our blood. When we reach a dead-end or realize that we are living in an endless loop, we must go through to get free. Purge ourselves of that which possesses us. Shed our entrapments and pull up from the root. Harken to gifts of regeneration. To see most clearly, close your eyes. The invisible becomes visible and indivisible. Raw and exposed, trauma surfaces so it can heal. What once killed us can give us life. Taste the bitter tea, and with intense intentionality, set a mark for this new year of growth. Call your cells to freedom. Center the power of your revelations on the task of bringing us all to freedom. Merge with the realms of the outlasting. Come stitch together in the darkness. Darkness renews the lights.

In reading Virginia's astrology forecast and living into these transformational times, perhaps something about this new moon in Scorpio energy resonates with you? Individually, where can you celebrate your resilience from past pain that has been alchemized into discernment and action so you find the strength to get dance with what is emerging now? Collectively ( and especially for those of us who live in the U.S.), can you see the limitations of the short-sighted narratives that disregard and fail to reconcile the pains of our country's past, specifically those fueled by white supremacy? So many of the social movements of this time are asking for those with more privilege and influence to see the ways in which each of our behaviors and inaction have an effect on our collective reality and to take more responsibility for our part of the puzzle.

In this seemingly chaotic collapsing of old paradigms, there is always hope. When we mature into the memory of our inherent interconnection with all living beings, we gather fortitude to rise up, protect, and serve all that we share. I'm inspired by a woman named adrienne maree brown, the author of Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing WorldsIn addition to being a writer, she is a social justice facilitator, pleasure activist, healer, and doula living in Detroit.

She writes in her book: "Resilience is unveiled when we are triggered, injured, heartbroken, attacked, challenged. I am curious about our general resilience as social justice actors in a traumatizing world, and as collectives of people shaping the next phase of human evolution. One core practice of resilience is transformative justice, transforming the conditions that make injustice possible. Resilience, is perhaps our most beautiful, miraculous trait."

Just like the earth will compost and recycle humanity's irreverence, our human hearts may also find a way to heal and help each other through these times. 


To find the impenetrable spot inside of yourself, the resilient source that animates your life, I invite you to dance your way to its center of sensation. To feel the courage to look challenges in the eye with love. To feel the hope that can look past challenges with trust. 

This video is called Finding Meaning in the Darkness. It begins with intention setting to ground yourself, a shadow dance to explore the physical sensation of discomfort, and free dance to trust your body's intuitive wisdom to honor your own emergent strategy of how you will move into and through what's present for you and what's present for all of us, as we are all interconnected.

To continue diving into the energy of this new moon in Scorpio, during the season of Scorpio, you may also be inspired to check out the Embodied Astrology Scorpio course which includes an introductory video to give you an overview of Scorpio's aspects, a Qoya Movement Ritual so you can embody Scorpio, and integration video with an exercise to apply in your life, and worksheets with journal prompts and a blessing for deep reflection.

Click here to learn more.


May the part of you that was called to these words be nourished and supported to continue to trust the truth in your body and honor the call to create inside of you. 

With love and respect for your courage and resilience,



P.S. And for those of you who live in the US and are reading this on the day it is sent, Tuesday, November 6th, 2018, I thank you for using your voice to vote.

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