Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

We all have the power to heal. The work of this time is create the safe and sacred places to do the healing — a safer world. For those of us who are called onto a healing path individually, we often emerge devoted to being one of the people to create those spaces for others. We become the courageous ones who look someone who is suffering in the eye and hold space for their healing, knowing it is possible because we have experienced our own. This is where our resume of experiential wisdom supports us to embody love in this world. We begin to have a wider view of the world and its challenges and ardently stand for and with those who find that love, kindness, and compassion are always here as well because they live inside each of us.

Transformation requires awareness of which mental patterns are the results of conditioning and which beliefs source from the center of our true heart. The ego feeds itself with themes of separation, individualism, competition, vigilance, and fear. The heart is nourished by themes of interconnection, intimate relationships, collaboration, trust, and love. How does one cross the bridge of compassion day in and day out? If you know me, you may know my answer already...embodiment.

This week I am presenting at a conference called the Safe World Summit in Dublin, Ireland, exploring how to make the world a safer place for women and girls. Their message is, "We believe the world can be safe and equal again." I'm very honored to be a part of it alongside heroes of mine like Riane Eisler, who wrote The Chalice and the BladeSacred Pleasure, and The Real Wealth of Nations as well as Dr. Edith Eva Eger, author of The Choice: Embrace the Possible, who shares what she has learned as a Holocaust survivor who lived through Auschwitz as a teenager. Click here to learn more about the conference and speakers.


As a way to support this conference, I am speaking and offering sessions called Embodied Presence. Perhaps you have attended a conference before where you sit in a chair all day with inspiring ideas coming from one person's brain to yours, but very little to no movement or embodiment — just sitting in a chair all day long. After a speech, I encourage participants to find a partner and answer a question like, "What inspired you the most during the talks this session that you would like to integrate into your life? How does it feel in your body to connect with this message?" Then we do a different pillar of Qoya each time: intention setting, circling, heart opening, shaking, or dancing around the room. The intention is to give them an embodied experience of what's been shared and notice how they feel.

Noticing how you feel is the guide to your healing path. Honoring how you feel helps you remember your true essence and cultivate deep respect for the truth of your lived experience. Embodiment is the non-linear path of healing that opens as we courageously feel ourselves in our bodies and in the present moment. Lucky for me, we are supported by the Full Moon in Taurus, during which one of her many messages is embodiment.

Our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The Full Moon in Taurus October 24th, 2018 (12:45pm EST) is an aberration. Dramatic separation, unexpected romance, or impassioned shock opens the way for wild deviation and divergence from ‘"the norm." An electrical impulse fills the body, awakening and weirding the cells. Freed embodied memories and exposed trauma can lead to regeneration, deep evolution, and adaptation. Buried attachments are transmuted. Ways we have abandoned our bodies and our connections with one another lead us towards required evolution. Transform dissociation to intimacy. Tap into the primal current; it pulses with shared essence. Something deep and intrinsic is stirring — a cauldron of remembered futures. Strange feelings arise from this potion, coaxing forth scents of unexpected affection. Is this now or a previously unlived memory? Reach towards relations. What we love and care for today may surprise us. Unmet needs find genius outlets. Our deepest attachments change as we continually awaken. We are here to be refuges for each other’s freedom. As we make manifest sanctuary, we re-awaken belonging. Our investigations light up an underground network. Send signals to co-conspiring magicians, the ones who share your most radical values. This Moon is an oddity of death-and-life-force renewal. The news is big, and the learnings are cumulative of collective learnings in the last year. 

“A tunnel through a mountain… Feeling everything, experiencing all of it, and letting everything go.”

—Ellias Lonsdale

To embody this, I'd love to share some options to choose how you can deepen your embodied presence. Choose whichever pillar of Qoya feels best to you!

We're also excited to announce that you can now purchase individual zodiac modules from our popular Embodied Astrology course for just $33 each! You might dance with Taurus this week to support the energy of this full moon or Scorpio to dance into the energy of the next season of the zodiac. All signs can be found here.


May all of us experience the power of our embodied presence as we live into the truth of this day.

With gratitude and love,


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We're thrilled to announce our newest retreat in Hawaii this January 16 - 22, 2019. We're thrilled to co-host the retreat on the farm of Elizabeth Jenkins, the international best-selling author of three books on the Inka Nature Wisdom tradition of Peru that she has studied for more than 30 years.

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