Dear Soul on the Other Side of the screen,

One way to gain confidence and courage to embark on what's ahead is by acknowledging all the ways in which you have already done that very thing.

If you look at your life right now and take three deep breaths, are you willing to be more than a little bit impressed with yourself at how much you have transformed? At how much you have risked for truth? At how much you have sacrificed to be more authentic expressive of your truest self?

This week is the autumn equinox, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, a new moon in Virgo, and also the week of my wedding.

A dear friend who has known me for a long time won't be able to attend, so she wrote me something I wanted to share with you. She wrote: 

"Rochelle, I have seen you walk through fire, water, thin air and earth in your relationships. I know how life squeezes us. Just like an orange gets squeezed and pours orange juice, a Buddha gets squeezed and pours love, wisdom and compassion. Or a sad person squeezes tears and an angry person throws a fit.

In relating to others, you have been burned, drowned, fell from high above and buried in the ground, not once, but many times. Life is our master teacher and relationships are our main assistants. Inside the veils of your soul, deep in your cocoon, you tasted hardship and judgment, others' and your own.

I also know, in record time, you found compassion, forgiveness, and a deeper fervor for life. You found fuel to learn your lessons and rise again with each new day.

You have walked through fire, crossed great waters, flown to every continent and danced your dance, and you are ready."

As I read this today, I was thinking: maybe she also wrote this for you?

As I celebrate my wedding and the parts of my heart that have mended and reclaimed the power to choose love again, perhaps you would also like to celebrate your healing, resilience, and choices that have led you back to love 's truth.

Our resident Qoya astrologer Virginia Rosenberg writes:

The New Moon in Virgo on September 20, 2017 (1:30am EST) is about healing. Healing is natural. It is already always occurring. Are we conscious of it? Are we supporting that process with our care-fullness? There is a saying, "feel it to heal it." Sometimes we try to bypass or avoid negative or difficult emotions and experience. Now is not one of those times. Suffering is rich, and contains the seeds of dreams. When we allow ourselves to feel it, we can open to it. We can fertilize the essence of spirit through our attention and our care for what is. Something invisible and infinitely beautiful is developing within us. It is a means by which we can connect with everything at all times, seamlessly. It is a skill and practice of wielding spirit and embedding it into each aspect of daily life. This happens not through removal or transcendence, but through absolute presence. It is an innate perfection. There may be truth in a vastness. An insight that all is inherently right, for no other virtue than that it IS. Even the wrong or the damaged or misconstrued may be the exact emblem or component needed for an entire mechanism to function and operate. What happens when we extend our felt-sense and our loving embrace to each and every division? Can this be a rainbow bridge? An instant delivery to the magic of communion? Feel it to heal it. Dance at the intersection of your divisions. Notice what arises on your bridge.

In addition to the movement ritual Feel It to Heal It, I also encourage you to do a gratitude Despacho Ceremony to say thank you for all the healing you have experienced, to deeply honor and acknowledge it and yourself.

For all of us who serve the healing alchemical power of love, let us take a moment to celebrate how much healing we have experienced in our lives and let that celebration give us the strength and inspiration to continue to serve as a healing force in this world.

Loving love,



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