Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

Have you heard the quote by Khalil Gibran? He says, "Work is Love Made Visible." I took the liberty of adding one word to the beginning as inspiration for our Qoya retreat last week. The word is sacred, because for me, doing my sacred work is how I make love visible, in my world and the world.

Last week, I led a retreat in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, California at the new Multiversity 1440 retreat center where we spent one entire day dancing our relationship to each word in the morning, bringing it into ritual in the afternoon and relaxing into it each evening.





I have been traveling around the world deeply listening to women in the most vulnerable and empowered points of their journey and heard a similar theme in each woman's story. The desire to be of service, to actively participate in this world that is re-birthing itself. For those who feel the strongest and most secure in themselves, they are grounded by honoring their call to create what they feel most inspired to birth in this world.

The Bhagavad Gita speaks of the importance of doing your work without attachment to reward or recognition. It's an amazing thing to take your star seat and serve humanity, love, and your true Self when you recognize that the process of creation gives you access to a place of personal fulfillment that no external affirmation can.

After many human beings have offered their lives to the age old experiment, modern awareness confirms, "Going against yourself, your heart, your dreams, and your truth isn't what it's cracked up to be." Inevitably, we all return to our center, our truth, our heart. Every human life has its dramatic twists and turns along the way. Without judgment but with awareness, notice where you are today.

There are many ways that we do our sacred work. For some, it is the way they garden or parent. For others, it is their business, their service work, their art ,or the way they walk through an airport, offering a loving presence in a chaotic world.

The most important thing is that each human heart is aware of how it offers its work as a way to make love visible.

As the full moon comes into its most visible expression, perhaps you make also be inspired to do the same. More than any other time this month. More than any other time this year. Beyond your self-imposed limitations:

Are you willing to emerge in your own fullness?

Our resident Qoya astrologer Virginia Rosenberg offers how to merge with the energy that is here and now:

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7 (2:11pm EST) is a partial lunar eclipse. Eclipses are like reset buttons. The luminaries (Sun and Moon) straddle the lunar nodes of fate. The conscious and unconscious elements of our Self feel a magnetic pull towards destiny. Do you feel the call to create? You are a creator. Sometimes, before embarking on creative journeys we long to take, we ask ourselves, "But who am I to make this? Am I enough?" Creation takes courage. It requires honest self love. Be proud of yourself and your adorations. This confidence will fuel the fire needed for spirit to move through you. Creation comes not from ego. Wield makings that benefit humanity. Ultimately, it is spirit's creation. Your mission is to feel your heart and follow its yearnings. This moon has momentum. Don't just dream it. Be it. Quell frustration, anger, or impatience with clear, direct action. Get physical. Make moves. How to know what action to take? How to know which way to go? Let your heart lead and body follow. The path of the heart is not always linear or logical. But it is honest. Trust it anyway. Harness your special love light within — a unique shade, tint, and hue. Store and cultivate it until it radiates out, making a prismatic rainbow interwoven with the human community. In our uniqueness and our interconnected radiance, we make and sustain a more loving world.

Like Virginia says above, "Don't just dream it. Be it."

With this free movement ritual on Doing Your Sacred Work, practice your ability to step into being embodied, present, awake and aware of the love that you are and your commitment to make that love visible in this world.


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I truly believe that the instructions for this time are best received through the body and heart. It requires a daily practice to stay grounded and rooted in your deeper knowing.

While there are many things I may doubt in my life from time to time, Qoya is not one of them. I feel deeply blessed and grateful for you! Without people who come to class, read the newsletters, or do the teacher trainings, I'm not able to step into the call I have to create. While I really enjoy dancing alone in my living room (as you can see in so many videos :) I receive the most fulfillment through our dance of interconnectedness at these times.

Thank you for reading these words. Thank you for the power of your presence. And thank you for all ways you make love visible,



As we get ready for the great American eclipse on August 21st, come dance with your relationship to the strength to trust love through movement, ritual, community and a pilgrimage to gather together.

August 16th at 7 p.m.

Teacher: Qoya founder Rochelle Schieck

Click here to register.


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