Dear Soul on the Other Side of the Screen,

Have you received one of those phone calls during which everything changed? When all your dreams, hopes, wishes, and visions came into crystal clarity? When the most important thing becomes being here in this moment, as deeply connected and present as you can be?

I did this week. 

I sometimes joke that we need not travel too far outside the awareness of our daily lives to be initiated into a mystery school. Life does that so well, offering us the opportunity to know our power to co-create our reality and simultaneously inviting us to surrender our resistance to its curriculum. 

One of the blessings I have in doing the work I do and being in intimate circles with women speaking our truth aloud is that no one I have met thus far is exempt from the human condition. Everyone experiences different timings of different challenges and different blessings, however many archetypical consistencies there are in humankind.

We rise. We fall down. We get back up. We dance. 

The fulcrum of transformation appears when we stop hiding from the reality of our pain and the earnestness of our desire to be loving and commit to the path of resilience with delight. 

The path of resilience and delight rises up to an eagle eye view of the big picture that sees the seasons as they change, the cycles of the moon, the difference between day and night. The path of resilience and delight feels the depth of despair but also conjures up the courage to have a sense of humor right there, the courage to be present with one another as we take turns hiding from life and emerging out into it.

There is a story about the Buddha that I used to really dislike when I heard it 10 years ago. A woman is mourning, and the Buddha tells her to knock on every person's door in the village and ask if they have ever lost someone they loved. At every doorstep, she listens to the stories of families who have experienced heartbreaking loss. She develops a deeper understanding of her personal pain to cultivate compassion for the grief our collective humanity is asked to endure. I used to dislike it because I felt like the woman needed a hug and people to care for her, not to make her grief wrong because it was common! I have matured a little more now (I hope) and am grateful for the skill of being able to have co-occurring awareness. I can sit in both the grief of the personal and in the compassion of the collective. I can sit in both the resilience of my bruised ego and the delight of my soul-savoring experiences. So can you. We do it our whole lives.

This is an invitation to stop hiding. Stop hiding the pain. Stop hiding the humor. Stop hiding the radiance. Stop hiding your part of the puzzle, the unique way that your presence mends us back together. Like the full moon, shall we also reflect light into the world? 

Our resident Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9 ,2017 (12:06am EST) is a catharsis. There is something ancient and karmic about this moon. We inherit the course lain by our ancestors; gifts, mistakes, and all. These histories live in our bodies. If ever a person experienced joy or ecstasy, it lives within our cells. If a trauma or disaster came to pass, its memory takes home in our flesh. Shadows are the mysterious leftovers of life that, when brought out of the realm of repression, become compost enriching the soil. The ashes of predecessors are fuel for the phoenix to rise and regenerate. Strong urges, emotions, and intensities can overwhelm and cause strife. Give them air, and use awareness and restraint. Create a container for the alchemy of transformation. That which was hidden and controlling us under the surface becomes revealed. A volcanic evolution. Let what emerges be true. Let it come straight from the molten core; the heart of the Earth. Something held in for too long is released. Relief. An end to the war within. Metamorphosis.

When Virginia says, "Create a container for the alchemy of transformation," I suggest you explore your body as that container. Do some movement to honor the themes of this full moon to inspire what it feels like to stop hiding and show up to shine.

This movement ritual will support you to do just that

As we continue to live into these times, the turning of the ages, I believe it becomes more and more important to be fluent in the language of your own body. There is a subtle sensitivity that builds, and when harnessed, it can highlight your intuition to lead the way, away that resonates with all parts of your being.

I wish that for all of us, to feel the fullness of the reflection of the light in each one of us. 

May it be so for you. May it be so for me. May it be so for all of us.

And may we continue to honor the earth that supports and all who came before us with a pulse in our hearts that we are here, we are choosing love, and we are dancing.

With love,



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