There is lore of a time when the greatest thought leaders were not the ones who gave you five steps to this or that. They wouldn't insult your intelligence that way. They would create situations in which you could realize what they knew, but it was shown to you through the courage of your own heart to See. Instead of exchanging mental information, they offered you a way to explore and expand your wisdom through honoring your own experiences. They held a vision of you inevitably remembering who you are, and they guided your best next step with subtlety by encouraging you to free yourself of distractions so you could access a realm of integrity and magic.

Revelation takes time. The place of not knowing can be uncomfortable and is often seen as incredibly inconvenient for the modern westernized mind. It's important to note, in some circumstances, not knowing can be exhilarating to the soul. Regardless of your personal preference, the now moment is where the most power, joy, and healing occur and also where the most mystery lies. The now moment asks the innocent sage to awaken, to be a witness, and to approach each day with a neutral curiosity about what's next rather than an unwavering expectation. For me, this presence is the portal to freedom.

Because the intensity of the present moment can initially feel uncomfortable in its uncertainty, embracing the unknown can be seen as a negative. However, every new day emerges from the night, every plant comes from the unseen mystery below the earth, and every body is birthed from the magical matrix of a womb. Like the teachers of old, this full moon offers you another perspective to experience the delight in our duality as a path to remembering our cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

Our resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10, 2017 (5:42pm) is mysterious intimacy. It is also Lunar Beltane, a celebration of the start of summer season. Gather, awaken, make mischief and merriment. Desire, passion, and pleasure are natural, life-giving forces. What arouses the foliage and flowers to burst forth from their seedling den? The darkness and death of winter has, invisibly, nourished and enriched the soil. Something deep within is ripening. The sap is rising in the fertile body of our Earth. An inscrutable, yet abundant revival blooms within and around us now. This is a feast time. Feast upon the seen and unseen. This is a dancing time. Dance close with the felt and the imperceptible. This is a time of timeless intimacy. Enter into the unnamed space of communion. With source. With partnership. With life, death, life. Regenerative source coils to the center of itself. In the twilight of the subtle fabric of existence, our soul is met. Two lips touch. The serpent and the egg. As self uncoils once again, source births worlds of infinite treasure.

In the book, In the Dark Places of Wisdom by Peter Kingsley, he writes:

"In ancient Greek poetry, the word for 'road' and the word for 'song' — oimos and oime — are almost identical. They're linked, have the same origin. Originally, the poet's song was quite simply a journey into another world: a world where the past and future are as accessible and real as the present. And his journey was his song. Those were the times when the poet was a magician, a shaman."

To explore the energy of this Full Moon through your body, I am honored to share with you a powerful song recorded by Carrie Firestone on the Qoya Costa Rica Retreat this year whose song is like a road, a path, a portal. This 7 minute song invites you to let in all of life. To die to the old and be reborn, to savor the beauty of life that is here and now.

Perhaps you did the movement video above and were penetrated by the power of Carrie's song. Perhaps you didn't and just scrolled through and half read this post.

Whichever it was, you are reading these words right now in communion with thousands of other souls reading them along with you.

For those of us who are here together Now on this full moon in Scorpio, can you carve out some time to do something that leads to remembering who you are?

Are you willing to honor your momentary discomfort to relax into something that feels true in your bones? Are you willing to move past living a day that is merely good enough to get by for the exhausted and depleted parts of yourself? Are you willing to let go of your suffering and make way for your delight? Are you courageous enough to sit still or to dance, anything that anchors you into presence, the feeling of right here and right now? Are you willing to say the words, "I too am a star, wandering around together with you, shining out of the depths." It's always a choice.

With a prayer that we all choose wisely, wildly and freely,


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