Dear Soul on the other side of the screen,

There are many voices calling for your attention. Some come through your text messages, your emails, your voicemail, your mail. Some come through the people you share your day with: your family, your roommates, your co-workers, your friends, your lovers…

As meaningful as all those interactions can potentially be, there is always one other strong steady call reaching for each of us.

This listening process requires us to pass through a threshold that is often uncomfortable. Human beings will come up with hundreds of ways to distract themselves from it, but under the plate of our food, behind the screen of the movie, in the vibration of the sound of the music we listen to, the way the light filters into whatever space you are in, there it is.

You need not travel much farther than the awareness of your body, of your own breath, to be able to hear it. As accessible as it is, it requires your courage to choose it. Freedom is oftentimes hard won through the perspective of the mind, but more easily accessed through the trust of the body.

On a Qoya Teachers Continuing Education Call this week, Dr. Anne Davin encouraged us when facilitating a Qoya class to be able to trust the unconscious and hold the tension as shadows come to the light. The way in which we access this realm in Qoya is thorough the body. Throughout every Qoya class, there are a series of themes to reflect on the question, “What does it feel like in your body when ____________?”

What does it feel like in your body when you trust the moment?

What does it feel like in your body when you have time to slow down?

What does it feel like in your body when you notice how much of what is bothering you externally lives internally?

What does it feel like in your body when you relax into your nervous system of remembering?

What does it feel like when you honor this new moon in Taurus?

Our resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares how:

The New Moon in Taurus on April 26, 2017 (6:16amEST) is a fertile seed. Slow down, almost to a complete stop. To a place where you can feel your heartbeat. Where you become aware of every morsel of breath flowing to nourish the cells of your body. Here, nuzzle against the fur growing, ever-so-slowly, on the body of your favorite loved animal. Touch your lips to a glass of water and feel the moisture soften the skin of your mouth as you drink. Put your hands on the earth and notice how the grass growing here is like with the hair growing on your head. Stir the pot and imbibe the smells that emerge to feed you first, even before the food is fully cooked. Let your eyes feast on the experience of being right here. Take everything in. With pleasure. With honor. With full satisfaction. Intentionally digest. Then transfer your senses from outer to inner. Go deep inside yourself. Beneath the soil of your own skin. Within the presence of your own embodied being. And from this place of pulsing, organic, almost-stillness, plant your seeds of intention. In the state of entire contentment, wait for fruit.

In Qoya, we strengthen our sensitivity and notice how we truly feel. We reclaim the idea that the body is trustworthy. By honoring the physical sensation of truth in the body, we lean into the community around us to stay true to how we feel. How we feel in our body in the present moment, most of us realize, is where our pleasure, our power, and the healing of our pain occurs. The call of the present moment is right here for all of us.

Explore being aware of what this deep listening to yourself feels like in your body by doing this Qoya New Moon Movement Ritual, Feel Your Truth and Follow It.

The value of this practice is that when you listen to the truth inside of your body and honor it, you ____________ (fill in the blank with what you heard when you listened deeply to the truth inside of you).

Long slow deep breath,



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