Dear torch carrier of the light,

Chances are if you are reading this, you are some combination of the following:

A) experiencing or are empathic to the challenges of this time

B) consciously practicing gratitude and appreciation for the many blessings of this time

C) feel a call to be of service combining your skills and passion at this time

D) identify as a light worker and take responsibility to do shadow work instead of project it on everyone else

E) like to dance

If we were preparing, let's say just for fun, for the Olympics, we would take great care of the torch as we pass it from town to town getting ready for the big event in which the whole world comes together as one world. (And we would practice some great coordinated dance moves for the opening ceremony!)

Well, let's say just for fun, this is the lead up to the spiritual Olympics, and every single person is the torch carrier. Your responsibility is to tend the flame of your own spirit to bring all the flames together. Let's also not forget about the dance moves.

Courage is required as every flame can potentially be destructive when uncontained and dimmed down or put out when unsupported.

Listen, I know some days can be pretty rough, but the world isn't over yet. Let's all find the torch of light inside of us and carry it towards the inevitable opening ceremony of coming together as one world, remembering all roads lead us back to love.

Our resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg offers:

The Full Moon in Libra on April 11th, 2017 (12:08am EST) is a big beacon of fiery light. The light is so strong that it can guide ships, airplanes, and weary travelers of all kinds toward their destination. The light is a warning, a signal, and a celebration: that we are Rising. We are emerging. In this groundswell, outworn contracts are transforming. Balance is becoming restored. During these times, each of us IS the call to higher ground. We are each made of light and attuning ourselves to contain more and more of it. How can we be more light? We bring grace and levity into our hearts. We release judgements against ourselves, one another, and the world at large. We can simply be who we are and party in the joy of pure self. We stand strong for the embers burning in our hearts, that what is truly best for one will benefit all. We are soul-pioneers, following our just passions to reinvent humankind. Walk your path. Especially if it is brand new or untried, forge onward. Surf the evolutionary wave. Those who need guidance will follow when they see your light against the darkness. The light of the collective web gets brighter as each shining vibrant soul finds one another. Let's set the world ablaze.

To embody this energy, I recommend a combination of the following:

Tend a physical flame as a metaphor of your own. It can be a candle or a fire ceremony, but watch it dance and be sensitive to its needs.

Practice your dance moves. I recommend here Proud Mary, imagining all of us lightworkers rolling on this river.

When you receive the light of the sun of the world, reflect it back like the moon. Donate to a cause, get on the front lines, be nice to the people you see everyday. Make the moon proud so that a few weeks from now when you look up and see her smiling or giving you a cosmic wink, you two can be in on the game of spiritual Olympics.

One more thing - if there is something that drains your energy immensely, dimming your fire, and you can stop doing it - I recommend that, too.

Because the sun, moon and stars shine on us all,


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